Indiana Jones 4 & Zootropolis+

Howdy folks. Something a little different tonight, a few thoughts on a movie and a streaming show.

I recently watched Indiana Jones and the Kingsom of the Crystal Skull for the second time, and the first time since shortly after it came out. I had a negative impression of it and watching it again I’ve come to feel that, it’s not as bad as I’d let myself think it is. Is it as good as previous instalments? No, but that doesn’t make it a bad film. I’d have liked a different ending, honestly not sure about the wrap up of the mystery but hey ho. Overall though, it was decent. Harrison Ford was good, John Hurt was awesome. Cate Blanchett was soils as always and I love Karen Allen’s energy and her chemistry with Ford. And Shia Labeouf was good. I’ve seen a few headlines about him over the last few years, which unfortunately seem to just be negative. Which is a shame because, damn. That dude can act.

I also watched Zootropolis+ on Disney+ and I’m a little disappointed. It was a series of adjacent stories that run alongside the movie, which was okay, and a some of them were really good. Especially the Mafia boss’s backstory, but I’d love to see a series following the police in that world, not like the central precinct like in the film, but another smaller district. I think that could really open up that world where it felt like we only scratched the surface.


Good evening, folks! How are we all doing tonight?

I’ve written 200 words today, 150 yesterday. All on the zombie book. Essentially it’s going to turn out to be a mini re-write of the ending. It needs more, at the moment it’s a very weak ending and I need to ramp up the danger and the risk to the characters. I’m not sure entirely how I’m going to pull that off, but I’m working on it.

Right, I’m going to wrap this up for the night. I’ve just (finally) started a re-watch of Blade Runner 2049. I’ve been wanting to do this for a few weeks now and finally got my arse into gear.

5th of March 2022

Good evening, folks! I hope you’re all well.

I took a writing off day yesterday. A very bad nights sleep left me wiped out. I think I got about two hours all in all, but when I was sleeping it wasn’t good sleep. So I took it off and cracked on with non-writing stuff once I’d finished work.

The edit is feeling like it’s a slow process at the moment but it’s still progress. The 431 words I edited tonight are 431 words I don’t have to edit in my next sitting.

Right Folks, that’s all for now. I hope you’re having an awesome weekend! I’m going to watch Pandorum which is now on Amazon Prime here in the UK. I’m sure it’ll give me a few ideas…..

Good Evening, 10th Of February 2022

Hey Folks, how are we all doing tonight?

Today I have written 447 words on the current short story. I think it’s getting near an end, but I’m still not sure. The scene I wrote tonight took it in a direction I wasn’t expecting and I think I might have to lay some ground work when I come to type it up.

I was at work this morning but most of this afternoon was spent sorting out non-writing paperwork (shock horror, I’m actually organised!), and now I’m having a The Thing double feature. Then bed to do it all again tomorrow.

Rock on, folks!

Good Evening, 7th February 2022

Hey Folks,

How are we all doing tonight?

I’m going through one of those periods where my sleep is all over the shop. So I’m working on trying to adjust my evening routine so that I hopefully get some sleep. Part of that is watching an episode of a tv show or a movie I haven’t seen before. Something that’ll relax my mind a little. I’m also hoping it’ll help me get through some of my backlog of TV shows and movies that I need to catch up on.

I’ve fallen into the rut of rewatching a lot of shows and movies I’ve seen before, so pushing me out of a comfort zone which is toxic. It is comforting to know what happens in a show, but it can also suffocate us a little because we’re not experiencing new things. We’re not feeding our souls, and as creatives it leads to us stagnating. (Some, not all of us). We need those new tales to fuel our own creativity.

That’s what I’m working on. I’ve recently watched the newest adaptation of Nick Hornby’s book, High Fidelity. Now, I’m a fan of the original film (am yet to read the book). Okay, it has its faults and has some great examples of double standards when it comes to genders. It’s still a fun watch though. When I heard that not only was it being remade but with a gender flipped main character I was curious as to how it would come out. I was a little unsure about Zoe Kravitz in the lead role, and I’ll admit those first few seconds I feared that concern was going to have truth to it. I was wrong though, as soon as she started talking I was in. She had it down, perfectly. The rest of the cast was pretty spot on, and I liked the changes they’ve made from the original movie. I will read the book one day, because it’s a story I’ve always enjoyed.

Right now though, I’m watching The Man In The High Castle. I’m about three episodes into season three, after having a couple of years away from it for a number of reasons. Which I regret. I wished I’d watched these last two seasons sooner. I enjoyed the first two seasons immensely, and so far season three is proving to be as intriguing as the previous two. It’s very different from Phillip K. Dick’s original novel, but I like what they’ve done with it.

Let’s end with a little writing update. I wrote 300 words today on the short story I’ve been working on, it’s taken a turn I wasn’t expecting and what was going to be a secondary character has become the protagonist of the piece. I’m not sure if I can weave it and the original story together, but I’m going to move forward with the intention of the original story being a part of it.

My editor wasn’t very helpful, like normal 🙄🤣


Evening, folks!

How are we all doing this evening?

Not a big writing day, about a 1000 words split about 50/50 between Mermaid and Lovers.

Right now I’m ending the day with a movie and then bed. I’m trying to adjust my evenings a little so I can get some better sleep.

Night folks, and rock on!

Tonight’s movie ☺️ recommended by a very dear friend which has become a favourite ☺️

18th August 2021

Good evening folks! How are we all doing?

I wrote 300 and something words on the mermaid story today, and did a little brainstorming for my NaNoWriMo project. I really need to ramp up work on that to be in a position to write it in November.

I’m off tomorrow, so I’m going to try and get stuck into more of the mermaid story and I’d like to get Sweet Danny edited as well.

I hope you’re all cracking on with your projects! And if you’re struggling, take a step back and have a brother.

Watched this fantastic movie this evening.

14th August 2021

My aim to write a blog post every day this month have well and truthfully gone out the window! But hey ho, there’s always next month!

Aside from yesterday I’ve written each day. With a lovely 1895 words today which took me over the 10k mark. I like the way the mermaid story is coming together. It’s still all over the place but connecting the scenes later will be fun (I hope).

I’m working on more self care than I have lately. The more content and settled I am the more I get done the happier I am in myself. Today’s been a great example of that. I was able to do something I’ve always seemed to hold off from doing. I’ve wanted to sit out in my garden and write for years. Today I did it, I sat out there for a couple of hours. Earphones in, words being wrangled. It was nice and peaceful. I’m going to try and do it more often. I like my office, but a change in scenery was much needed.

Right folks, time to wrap for the night. I watched the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th last night, and am currently watching Freddy Vs Jason. After that, another slasher one I think.

Good night folks, rock on and make those dreams reality.

7th Of August 2021

Good evening, folks!How are we all doing today?

I’ve had a productive day. I wrote 2322 words on mermaid and edited 3235 words on a short story called Sweet Danny.

It felt really damn good to get a good writing session in today. I’ve not been able to get stuck in that well for a very long time and I’m quite pleased with how well the words flowed.

This afternoon I chilled out before going to see Suicide Squad, and damn it felt good being able to go to the cinema, have popcorn and watch a movie with a good friend. I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed doing, stuff. We’ve had well over a year of restrictions due to Covid (have no issue with the restrictions, we’ve all got to do our part), and it was just so refreshing to do something we’re not been able to do for a long time.

Okay, writing that last paragraph has me thinking I’m rambling, so I’m going to wrap this up here.

Have an awesome evening, folks!.