Looking Back at January

I think this January just gone is going to be one that I have mixed emotions about. Before adding in the hand written words I’ve done this last week I’ve written about 17,000 words this month. All of those on Earth, After Liberation. A story that as I wrote more and more of it I felt that it was getting worse with each word. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve stuck it in a draw for a few months before going back to it. I’ve tired to start red-penning it but I was just getting more and more disillusioned with it as I went and that tells me that it’s not anywhere near good enough. I think it’s lost its identity and I think some of that may have been the way I was writing it. At times it felt very robotic and I don’t know if that was because I’m trying to stick to an outline top closely or that it’s where I’m typing it as opposed to writing it with a pen and paper; I simply don’t know. It doesn’t feel like the same story that I began writing how ever long ago it was. Where I’m writing on the Avoiding The Game re-write with a pen and paper, and without an outline aside from the original draft I wrote, it’s coming out quite well even if it is a bit more of a slower process.

Something that has been a bit too much of a distraction this month has been me thinking about how many things I want to get published this year. I think that has taken too much of my attention away from the actual craft of writing and at this stage in my writing I need to be focusing on the writing and not all the other bits and pieces about self-publishing or submitting to magazines. If I can get the writing quality as good as I’m able to and the stories right, then I can look more at the publishing side of things.

I mentioned submitting to magazines in the last paragraph and I have still only made one submission, which I need to change this year. I’ve got a short story that is almost there. I’ve got some grammar edits to make before sending it off to a couple more Beta’s before I do submit it. I have high hopes for this one as I think it’s quite a good little story 🙂

So despite it feeling like January has been a bit of a let down for me I’m looking at the positives and learning the lessons. The main one is that just having an outline doesn’t mean it’ll be a piece of cake to get a good draft done.

Eased Off

These last two nights have been real slack off nights. Last night I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (still, an awesome movie!) and tonight I’ve watched a bit of football, but I did manage to get a couple of key points well outlined. I’ve also been working for half an hour or so in the mornings before work.

This outline is nearing 4000 words now, and I’m maybe about halfway through it. I’m not really sure if an outline is meant to be this long but I’m guessing it’s like writing in that each person has a way that works best for them.

Tomorrow night I’m going to try and crack on and get this outline done. I’ve had a couple of nights off (for the most part) so I want to get back in the saddle tomorrow.

NaNoWriMo: Day 22

Today is the first day this month that I’ve written less then a thousand words. I got just over 500 done and that finished my story. I’m not hugely happy with the ending at the moment but in the time it’ll take me to outline book one’s re-write and re-write it and then start editing them then I should have an idea of how to tidy it up. The feel of it I’m happy with, just not how I’ve executed it.

I’ve started on the outlining for the re-write and I’d like to think I’ll have the outline all but done by this time tomorrow so I can start writing on Monday but I’ll have to see how much I put into the outline first.

Deviating From The Outline

Each year NaNoWriMo teaches me something, this year it’s been that a brief outline lasted not even 2000 words. That’s not to say I’ve totally thrown it out the window. My protagonist has done his own thing and at almost 9000 words I’m slowly bringing the story back to where I want it to be.

Originally I had wanted to write 10, 5000 word chapters, give or take. Each chapters outline was only a couple of sentences but it was a more complete outline then I am normally working with. My style has so far been write and see where it ends up, this isn’t really working. As me and Owen are finding with Project Apollo. We roughly knew where we were going but I think in future we need to brainstorm our ideas in much more depth. Even then I’m fairly confident that an outline won’t be strictly stuck to, I would never want to restrict myself like that.

This years NaNo story will end how I’m planning it too, but I’m not sure the journey will be what I was planning.