Deviating From The Outline

Each year NaNoWriMo teaches me something, this year it’s been that a brief outline lasted not even 2000 words. That’s not to say I’ve totally thrown it out the window. My protagonist has done his own thing and at almost 9000 words I’m slowly bringing the story back to where I want it to be.

Originally I had wanted to write 10, 5000 word chapters, give or take. Each chapters outline was only a couple of sentences but it was a more complete outline then I am normally working with. My style has so far been write and see where it ends up, this isn’t really working. As me and Owen are finding with Project Apollo. We roughly knew where we were going but I think in future we need to brainstorm our ideas in much more depth. Even then I’m fairly confident that an outline won’t be strictly stuck to, I would never want to restrict myself like that.

This years NaNo story will end how I’m planning it too, but I’m not sure the journey will be what I was planning.



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