That’s More Like It

After dental work on Monday and the cinema last night I’m a little off target on NaNoWriMo. During lunch yesterday I got almost 600 words written and today at lunch I got 560 done. Knowing I was behind I knew I’d have to make a good go of it tonight and I set myself a 2000 word target, I eventually wrote 2194 words, 2754 for the day in total. I feel like dancing (if my mouth wasn’t as sore and a cold sneaking into my system).

2754 words write today. That’s more then double any other days writing this year, which is something I need to work on. My biggest hindrance when it comes to writing is my lack of discipline. I need to get into the habit of sitting in that damn chair and write and edit. I have so many ideas and this proves that I can sit down and write them. I’ve had a few people tell me I can write enough that I am actually believing it now so all I need to do Is get my arse in that damn chair.
My biggest distraction is the TV. I will come home and pop on a DVD more often then I’d like to admit but nothing is stopping me from spending two hours an evening in the chair and working and then pop on a movie or a TV series once I’ve done that. I’m not one to go to bed too early, 11-11:30 seems to be my time to get my head down so that is plenty of time to watch something or read a few pages of a book, god knows I’ve got enough waiting to be read.

Tonight has rejuvenated me, I’m feeling good and energised about writing again, and although I’ve drifted quite a bit from my outline and I need a couple more 2000 word days to get caught up I think this NaNo story could work out quite well.

I just want to give a shout out to my NaNo buddies and the Kent NaNos group on Facebook. Both are inspiring and supportive 🙂



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