Todays Work

I think this Sunday is going to be an odd one for what I manage to get done. I’ve got my Grandad  and my great aunt/Godmother coming over for dinner today. Dad and I will also take down an old shed that’s in our garden, where it currently stands is where we want to place a new henhouse, so it has to come down. I’m not expecting that to take too long though. We’re actually going to dismantle it as opposed to knock it down with sledge hammers.

I think it’ll be this evening that I get the bulk of my writing done though as I’ll be being social (okay come about 2:30 I may come upstairs and write whilst listening to the football 😉 ) But I’ll have my iPad downstairs with me and I’ll be able to get some plotting, outlining and brainstorming down whilst downstairs. I’ll probably do a little comic book reading too. I’m lucky in that I can multitask like that but I can’t write in those circumstances. I am still aiming for a 2000 word day as well as getting some outlining done for a novella I want to write in 2015.

That’s how my day is looking like it’s shaping up, and by the end of the day hopefully it’ll have been as productive as I’m hoping it will be.

Have a good Sunday everyone 🙂

NaNoWriMo: Day 2

After todays words I am at 5947 words, which I’m really chuffed about. I’d set myself a target for the weekend of hitting 5000 words so I’m very happy that I’m almost at 6000 now. I would have probably rolled over the 6k mark already but my body screamed at me to ease off the peddle a little. About this time yesterday I was struggling a little but I think that was because I hadn’t eaten anything, aside from a pack of Fruit Gums, all day. I’d been at work in the morning, got home at about 2ish before then cleaning out the hen house and having a bath before getting my arse in the chair and get some words done. I didn’t eat until about 5:30 and I didn’t want that to happen again. So I went and done it again today. I got to about 3:30 and just wiped out. So I’ve had a little something to eat and I’m feeling a touch better now.

I did end up with a very stiff right arm last night though. Its something that I do suffer from as my day job can put a lot of pressure on my body and as I’m predominantly right handed my right arm does tend to suffer a fair bit. So I strapped it up and its felt okay for the bulk of the day, although it’s aching a little now. I may have a break till about 6pm but I’ll see how I feel.

One thing I have finally done is buy a Logitec blue tooth keyboard for my iPad. I’m hoping this will let me write easier on my iPad when I’m out and about.



Adjusting My Desk

I’ve been thinking about buying an iMac for a couple of years, and on Friday I finally ordered one. Needless to say I’m quite keen to get it, but I have a few days to go until it’s delivered. This delay is quite handy though as I needed to make a few adjustments to my desk.


As you can see from the picture the desk has a shelf and storage on the right hand side of the desk. This made for a relatively small gap for where the monitor goes. To be fair I brought this desk almost ten years ago and it was idea for what I needed, but there is no way that the iMac is going to fit into the gap. So I took the shelf and side storage off and now I have the space for the iMac.


An unexpected benefit from doing this has meant that it has opened up that end of my room. It’s lighter and I have a fantastic view of the back garden now.


I did like the desk with the shelf when I brought it, but over time it just became a home for clutter; and if you know me I love a bit of clutter. In time I will buy a new desk, and maybe a new chair (that’s twelve years old) but those will have to wait for the moment. I do need a bigger desk, but I need to find one that suits my needs and will fit into the small space where the current desk is.

The iMac will replace an Acer laptop that I’ve been using for 8 months. This little laptop has done me really well but now it will go off to my brother for him to use. Its a solid bit of kit and I will be a little sad to see it go. That does mean I’ll be on my iPad for when I’m at Write-Ins or just generally out and about. After a recommendation from someone in a writers group I’m a member of I’ve seen a Logitech one I’m going to order when I get paid. It looks solid and suitable for my needs.

I’ve wanted to switch over to a Mac for quite some time and I’m glad I’ll be taking delivery of one soon 🙂

Tonight’s Update

Tonight I have not got quite as much done as I had planned, saying that I was only two pages off that little target. It’s been a productive night though. I’m now halfway through my read of my friends work. She’s asked me to give my feedback on the stories but I wanted to cast another eye over them before I pass on that feedback. They’re good 🙂 ill post the website link when I’m not blogging from my iPad.

As for reading through Avoiding The Game I’m at page eighteen now and I got proper sucked not it. I’d forgotten much of it (including the intimate, but graphic sex scene. It’ll be deleted. It doesn’t fit) in those eighteen pages though I’ve seen there is a lot to do. Pacing alone needs work. Where I’ve got to I think I can add a lot more depth to the world and have my protagonist grow more. As I’ve read through I’ve noticed that I’ve rushed through a lot of it and need to fill in those details which will make it a more complete piece of work.

Going Apple……

With my PC dying and my laptop playing up I am obviously thinking about what to replace them with and getting an Apple Mac keeps popping into my head.  A friend of mine has been bleating on about how good they are for a while now and Owen has one himself, so I may go and nick his for a few hours to see how I get along with it.  Seeing as I love my iPhone and I REALLY would like an iPad I cant see why I wouldn’t want to go the whole hog and convert fully to apple.  Thankfully though despite my laptop playing up it is still working well so I am in no need to replace it just yet so I have a little time before the decision needs to be made.  Maybe a trip up to my local Apple shop to interrogate the staff 😀