Tonight’s Update

Tonight I have not got quite as much done as I had planned, saying that I was only two pages off that little target. It’s been a productive night though. I’m now halfway through my read of my friends work. She’s asked me to give my feedback on the stories but I wanted to cast another eye over them before I pass on that feedback. They’re good ๐Ÿ™‚ ill post the website link when I’m not blogging from my iPad.

As for reading through Avoiding The Game I’m at page eighteen now and I got proper sucked not it. I’d forgotten much of it (including the intimate, but graphic sex scene. It’ll be deleted. It doesn’t fit) in those eighteen pages though I’ve seen there is a lot to do. Pacing alone needs work. Where I’ve got to I think I can add a lot more depth to the world and have my protagonist grow more. As I’ve read through I’ve noticed that I’ve rushed through a lot of it and need to fill in those details which will make it a more complete piece of work.

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