Looking Back At The Week

This week has been quite productive I think. I’ve read through a series of short stories that a friend of mine created with a friend and they wrote these ideas out. You can check them out here:


As I’ve said in other posts this week I’ve been reading through my NaNoWriMo story from last year, Avoiding The Game. So I’ve done a lot of reading which was not directly for pleasure. My friends work I was re-reading to provide some feedback, so although it was kind of like work it was pleasure too. This is the long winded way of me saying that I have done next to no pleasure reading this week. This is kind of annoying me a little as I’m really enjoying reading the Battlestar Galactica tie-in novel that I’m reading.

I’ve got a very good idea of what I would like to do with Avoiding The Game. I’ve got research to do and flushing out some details. I have all but decided to write it 1st person, but there are a few things I’ve got to settle on. The biggest is that I do not have an ending, which is obviously a problem. Needs some thought put into it, I’m hoping to have a brain storming session on it with Owen by the end of the year and see what he thinks.

That’s been my week in writing, hope yours has been productive.


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