NaNoWriMo: Day 2

After todays words I am at 5947 words, which I’m really chuffed about. I’d set myself a target for the weekend of hitting 5000 words so I’m very happy that I’m almost at 6000 now. I would have probably rolled over the 6k mark already but my body screamed at me to ease off the peddle a little. About this time yesterday I was struggling a little but I think that was because I hadn’t eaten anything, aside from a pack of Fruit Gums, all day. I’d been at work in the morning, got home at about 2ish before then cleaning out the hen house and having a bath before getting my arse in the chair and get some words done. I didn’t eat until about 5:30 and I didn’t want that to happen again. So I went and done it again today. I got to about 3:30 and just wiped out. So I’ve had a little something to eat and I’m feeling a touch better now.

I did end up with a very stiff right arm last night though. Its something that I do suffer from as my day job can put a lot of pressure on my body and as I’m predominantly right handed my right arm does tend to suffer a fair bit. So I strapped it up and its felt okay for the bulk of the day, although it’s aching a little now. I may have a break till about 6pm but I’ll see how I feel.

One thing I have finally done is buy a Logitec blue tooth keyboard for my iPad. I’m hoping this will let me write easier on my iPad when I’m out and about.




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