Good Morning

Good morning all, it’s a little before 8am here in the U.K. and I’ve been up about twenty minutes. The rain is coming down hard outside, I’ve got a cup of tea and my printed outline sitting on the arm of the chair besides me. So I’m all ready to get stuck in and hopefully knock out a couple hundred words before going out a little later.

As many of you know it’s November, which means it’s NaNoWriMo and I made a good start yesterday. Before work I managed to get about 260 words done and once I got home at about 2pm, and after I’d cleaned the hen’s house out and had a bath, I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening writing. I joined in a couple of sprints on my local NaNo group on Facebook and at first I was feeling pretty rusty, it took about an hour I’d say for me to find some rhythm. Once I had that rhythm though I managed to knock out about 1500 by about 5pm. With what I’d written that morning I was then over the minimum word count for the day, but I decided I’d continue until about 8pm (when football highlights came on). It got to just before 7pm and I’d written 3202 words and I had my first two chapters done so I decided to call it a night. Although I’ve never hit the 50k I’ve done three years before this so I’ve got a bit of experience with how it feels to do NaNo. This year does feel a lot different for me though: I’m single this year and the last three years I haven’t been (this is not a comment on relationships or either of my two ex-girlfriends but a comment about having more time to commit to writing). Each of those years I’ve also gone off for a long weekend away and that normally throws me off my pace. I’m also a lot more active with my local Facebook NaNo group; this group is fantastic and I couldn’t wish for a more supportive group. I also feel like I’ve grown a lot since March, both as a person and as a writer and I noticed that yesterday when I was writing.
The words I was writing seemed to have a lot more depth to them and having an outline meant it felt like I’m not writing in the dark waiting for my characters to take me down a disgusting alleyway where I’d end up unconscious and missing a kidney. I’m hoping this means I’ll have a much cleaner first draft so I don’t end up with a lot of hard work during the editing process.

Now I off to drink me tea and write a few words before shooting off to Bluewater with my parents.

Have a good day everyone 🙂


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