Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo





I need to give my room a major tidy, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now but with work and writing I’ve not really had the time or the energy to do it, but with NaNoWriMo starting in just a couple of days I knew I needed to get my desk tidied up at least. So tonight I’ve spent half an hour just clearing the clutter and dusting everything off and I’m a lot happier with it all now.

This is just one small part of getting ready for NaNo. I’ve already got a fair bit of my story outlined, which is a first for me. I’ve got everything set up on my profile over at and I’m psychologically ready as well. I think that is a big part of it. I’m not worried about not hitting the 50k because I know that no matter what I’ll have at least a damn good start on another novel by the end of November. This year though I am aiming at hitting the 50k and I’m determined to hit the target. I think with the support of my local NaNo group, I’m in an even better position then I have been before. I’ve also had the last eight months of experience which seems to have put a lot of knowledge into my head about how to get words written and have them making sense.

I also smashed my personal best daily word count in that time too. It was about 4000 words but while sprinting on my local NaNo Facebook page I managed to smash out 7500 words in one day. If I could have a couple of days at half of that during NaNo I’ll be very happy.

Each of the three years I’ve done NaNo I’ve gotten halfway through the month and then run out of steam. Normally it’s after I’ve been away for a weekend (each year I’ve gone away with my two previous girlfriends). Last year I did manage to get some momentum going again but my story came to a natural end at about 42k, which was really annoying. This year I’ve not got any plans to go away, I’ve also booked a week off from work so I can focus on writing and getting a jump on the word count. That week is from the tenth of the month which has been about the time I loose some momentum in previous years. So I’m really hoping that being about to focus that week will help. I’m planning on getting to a few write-ins that week as well.

All I really need to do now is get some snacks to keep me going through the month, not sure what I’ll get just yet but I’ll have a look around on Saturday afternoon after I finish work.


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For NaNoWriMo

  1. I’ve started the prep for NaNo as well by tidying up things so I will have less to worry about when the time comes. Good luck this year with Nano. It sounds like you’ve got a great plan on getting through it. If you need some more support you can find me under Elaurana on the Nano site.

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