A Little Growth

I’ve spent most of today reading through Earth, After Liberation and making the notes I need to fill in the gaps which have been left after the huge amount of deleting I did last month and as I was doing this I realised that it’s the same thing I was doing when I was getting my vampire collection into shape. I’ve also started work on a story outline for NaNo this year. Using the same method as I did when I was working on Project Apollo this last week. It’s also something I’m planning on for The Residents too.

When doing an Outline I use Pages to bullet point all the important parts of the story I want to include in the story. With project Apollo this wasn’t in order, but with my NaNo book it has been in order today, although I haven’t got far in it yet. Over the next few days I think I’ll be jumping about a little with what order I’m putting plot points down on as I know a few of the scenes I want to include later on in the story. I’ve found this can help as it pushes me to find what to put into the gaps to fill the story in, this goes back to what I was saying earlier in the post.

This is what I should have been doing two years ago, learning things like this that are obvious but it’s only now that I’m realising that to write what I want to write means I’ve got to be more organised as well as being focused and disciplined.


For now though thats me done for the day. I’m going to finish watching Speed Racer and then watch another movie 🙂

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