Going Apple……

With my PC dying and my laptop playing up I am obviously thinking about what to replace them with and getting an Apple Mac keeps popping into my head.  A friend of mine has been bleating on about how good they are for a while now and Owen has one himself, so I may go and nick his for a few hours to see how I get along with it.  Seeing as I love my iPhone and I REALLY would like an iPad I cant see why I wouldn’t want to go the whole hog and convert fully to apple.  Thankfully though despite my laptop playing up it is still working well so I am in no need to replace it just yet so I have a little time before the decision needs to be made.  Maybe a trip up to my local Apple shop to interrogate the staff 😀

4 thoughts on “Going Apple……

  1. Since I bought my MacBook I cannot be happier. I am useless with computers and I have had computer problems all the time. When my PC started failing, everybody recommended me to buy any Apple laptop, since they were really good and very easy to use. Another person added, “and they are Cinta-proof”, meaning that even if I started hitting buttons without knowing what I was doing, the laptop would be ok LOL So if you are thinking of going Apple, go ahead! It is a good choice to do 😀


  2. I moved to the Mac about three and a half years ago and I’ve never looked back. I just find them much more reliable, and the software to seem to be better for the things I use. There is a lot of clever integration between applications and for example, simple things like a three button finger tap on a word brings up the integrated dictionary / thesaurus software. Lots of little things are really useful. Plus the version of Scrivener (check out that software it’s brilliant for writing), is better on the MAc and has been established longer.


    • Hi, thanx for taking the time to have a read 🙂 and for the advice. I’ve heard a lot of good things about scrivener which is one of the reasons I’m seriously considering the change. One feature a friend showed me was that if you highlight a section of text there’s an option where it will read it back to you, which I think could be very useful 🙂


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