Todays Update

Really bad day for anything creative today.  I spent a couple of hours dealing with a minor issue with our chickens which I was not expecting to have to do.  I only slept for a couple of hours due to rather bad toothache which has drained me for the day.  My car is at the moment in an automotive coma and awaiting money to be pumped into it which is causing much frustration but on a plus note my PC which was dead may be resuscitated.  I spoke to my friend who is looking at it and he can save the hard drive which I am rather happy about.  Thankfully I did not have any fiction stuck on there but it’s still going to be good to have it back.  I am still going to switch over to Mac in the next couple of years though.

I did get fiction written today, not much but I got some done.  I started writing some random words recently and that’s grown quite nicely into something that is intriguing me.  I’m doing the organic writer thing here and just writing to see where it goes.

For now though I am going to bed to read for a while before sleep takes me.

Not A Bad Day :)

It’s not been a bad day today, I didn’t get as much written as I would have liked but I got some done so I’m glad 🙂

An Apple computer is definitely looking like a strong choice.  I popped into the Apple store down at Bluewater and spoke to a gentleman called Darren who was very helpful and has pretty much convinced me that a Mac is the way to go.

Last night I had some great feedback on the beginning of a story from a good friend so once I’ve finished the current WIP I am going to get that story finished off properly.

I also watched Man On A Ledge recently and although it was pretty good it wasnt spectacular.  I predicted the ending and some of the little parts of it which is always a bit of a disappointment for me.  So tonight I’m watchingAliens lol.

I’m gonna read a couple of IO9 articles then I’m off to bed.  Night all 🙂

Going Apple……

With my PC dying and my laptop playing up I am obviously thinking about what to replace them with and getting an Apple Mac keeps popping into my head.  A friend of mine has been bleating on about how good they are for a while now and Owen has one himself, so I may go and nick his for a few hours to see how I get along with it.  Seeing as I love my iPhone and I REALLY would like an iPad I cant see why I wouldn’t want to go the whole hog and convert fully to apple.  Thankfully though despite my laptop playing up it is still working well so I am in no need to replace it just yet so I have a little time before the decision needs to be made.  Maybe a trip up to my local Apple shop to interrogate the staff 😀