Todays Update

Really bad day for anything creative today.  I spent a couple of hours dealing with a minor issue with our chickens which I was not expecting to have to do.  I only slept for a couple of hours due to rather bad toothache which has drained me for the day.  My car is at the moment in an automotive coma and awaiting money to be pumped into it which is causing much frustration but on a plus note my PC which was dead may be resuscitated.  I spoke to my friend who is looking at it and he can save the hard drive which I am rather happy about.  Thankfully I did not have any fiction stuck on there but it’s still going to be good to have it back.  I am still going to switch over to Mac in the next couple of years though.

I did get fiction written today, not much but I got some done.  I started writing some random words recently and that’s grown quite nicely into something that is intriguing me.  I’m doing the organic writer thing here and just writing to see where it goes.

For now though I am going to bed to read for a while before sleep takes me.

4 thoughts on “Todays Update

  1. Mac’s best for writers, good back up facility (“time machine”) and Scrivener for Mac is ***** 🙂


    • I’ve wanted to switch to mac for a few months now but I’m not in the financial position to do so. I was planning in getting scrivener as a lot of writers I respect and like use it. I’ve not heard a bad thing about it yet 🙂


      • I am using a mac mini, the cheapest of the range, but very good value – Scrivener is simply the best tool for writers who don’t work linearly 🙂


        • I almost brought a mini mac but i don’t think the memory would be too happy with how much content I download off of iTunes so I’ll probably get an iMac once I have the cash. Scrivener does sound more and more useful the more I hear about it. I tend to write from A to Z but I have got projects which are very scattered.


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