Another Twist To Project Apollo

This project has taken another little twist now but it’s a change that I’ve wanted for a while and now Owen has come to the conclusion this may be the smart direction to take with it.  I can’t go into what this change is but I think it’ll make it much easier to write and allow us to hone the characters better.  We will still use many of the elements that we had before this change but it will be much more diluted, stuff it I’ll tell you what it is.  Originally Project Apollo was meant to be a comedy in the vein of Red Dwarf and Futurama (okay there’s a bit of a hit as to what genre Apollo is lol)but the way the universe is evolving is making it feel like it would not work as well as a slapstick comedy like we had planned.  Now we’re going to take it on a much more serious path but we want to still keep a few light-hearted moments within it so me and Owen will find the right places to put them in.

As I said this change works well for me because I think it’ll suit my style of writing a little more.  Owen emailed me the other day saying that what he has done so far on Apollo is quite serious so I do think it would have worked being a comedy bit too.  Owen is playing around like I am with Project Apollo, neither of us are making an effort to actually start writing this at all but we are finding our feet with it.  I’m not expecting much of what we are doing at the moment to make up the actual text of the finished novel but knowing Owen I have a feeling we will use more of his actual text that’s been written than mine.  I think in the next two months we may have a rough outline of the story and be getting close to making a start on writing a story that we have been kicking around for a good five years 🙂

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