Saturday 15th of February 2020

Good evening, folks! Let’s get straight into it shall we? This month I’ve written 4824 words. I need to step up to try and get to my 500 words a day average but I’ve lost a little writing time each day so I need to compensate and find time to make that up.

The story I’m working on started out as a short story that was about something totally different to where it’s gone, but there are times we have to flow with the story. It makes me think of some TV episodes. The Simpsons especially. They’d start off with an episode where Bart gets obsessed with a yoyo and events lead to Mrs Krabappel confiscates it and gives Bart detention (by the way, I had a school assembly where people came in with Yoyo’s to impress and take our cash when I was at school in the 80’s). This leads to Bart sneaking into Mrs Krabappel’s desk to retrieve the yoyo and he finds a dating column that his teacher had posted. Futurama did this a lot as well. But it’s what I’ve ended up doing with this story in a way. The only difference is I started off with the intention to tell one story but didn’t even get into the meat of that one before I went off in a totally different direction. It’s a direction I’m really happy with and can see things slowly coming together.

It also started off as a short story and is now over 16k words. I’m not sure where it’s going to top out at but as usual, my gut is saying it’ll be about 30k.

Again, tomorrow I’m going to try and write a thousand words. I’m tempted to start working on another story as when I’m jumping to and throw between pieces I seem to get more done, but we’ll see.


My self pimping for today is for the Under The Weather anthology from Burdizzo Books and Back Road Books. This is one of my favourite stories I’ve written. I just let myself go and had a lot of fun with it. The story, The Snow, is about a man who goes to collect his wife from work in a shopping centre as a vicious snow storm hits. When they go to leave things begin to go very wrong.

There are a lot of other amazing stories in this collection to, including one that still freaks me out to this day (try to guess which!), and I’d be super grateful for anyone checking it out. Here’s the link. It’s also the first of my work that’s been made into audio which thrilled me big time.

Wiped Out

This week has been a loss when it comes to writing. Partly because I was a little demoralised when I realised that Earth, After Liberation wasn’t going how I wanted it to go and also work has knocked me out this week. I mean it has really wiped the life outta me. I consider myself a hard worker and my job is demanding on my energy but this week has been really busy. My day job is as a car cleaner at a second hand car sales and a big part of my job is valeting knew stock and in the last three days I think I’ve valeted five cars, six in you include the one I started this evening. As well as that one I’ve got another one to do as well. The aim is to get them done by the weekend.

Obviously being busy means I’ve had to up my work rate to get the job done and this is what’s wiped me out this week. With writing things will be a bit more of a slower pace as I’m proof reading Earth, After Liberation. I have a very clear picture in my head of what I need to do to fix the story now and I’m kinda itching to get stuck into it again, and this is why I’m writing this post, because I haven’t got stuck into it tonight like I was planning too. I got home and am just feeling very tired and my focus is not all that. So I’ve faffed about on social media and watched some Futurama.

Good Evening Sunday

I’ve managed 2652 words today on Project Apollo and Earth, After Liberation. I really enjoyed doing the sample that Owen asked for from Project Apollo as it was something different than I’m used to writing. It has also served to do a little world building and character history, and even if it doesn’t make the cut then it’s helped in those respects.

I was also very happy with what I managed to do with Earth, After Liberation too.

That is me done for the day now though. I’m going to watch the second half of the Arsenal Vs Manchester City game and then watch Futurama series six.

Have a good evening everyone 🙂

Not As Productive As I’d Planned

My aim of having a productive day yesterday was quickly scuppered. Firstly I had to go and assist in fixing a gate, then some family showed up and then the football kicked off.
After the football finished I dived into a couple of sprints with a fellow writer on my local NaNo Facebook group. Those sprints took me up to almost 2000 words for the day in about two hours. At that point it felt like I was loosing my rhythm and what I was writing was feeling rather strained. I have all but beaten this damned head cold but it’s still there a little and I could feel a headache growing so I called it a night for the writing.

I didn’t get as much done as I had wanted. At the start of the day I’d wanted to get some writing done but I also wanted to get some brainstorming done and write up some notes I have both on my phone and a notebook. That didn’t get done. I also wanted to write a couple of blog posts, which I was going to do as I was watching series five of Futurama, again this did not happen. I used to be able to multi-task a lot better than I am at the moment, I can only guess that its fatigue that is hindering me. I’ve been feeling extremely tired of late and I didn’t sleep to well Saturday night either. So last night I spent most of the evening watching Futurama and when that finished I made sure I took just a little time to read before I went to bed. I did sleep a little better last night, but it took a bit of doing. I have a love/hate relationship with sleep and at the moment its definitely in the hate camp.

What’s going on this week? Well, I’m aiming to get a little consistency with writing. Since Christmas I haven’t written more than two days on the spin and that isn’t anywhere near good enough. I’m about on target with my WIP (1000 words a day) but I’m off target with that minimum for this year. I’m ahead simply because I managed to get ahead in December.

That’s my plan for the week, let’s see how it goes.

Have a great day and week everyone 🙂

Another Twist To Project Apollo

This project has taken another little twist now but it’s a change that I’ve wanted for a while and now Owen has come to the conclusion this may be the smart direction to take with it.  I can’t go into what this change is but I think it’ll make it much easier to write and allow us to hone the characters better.  We will still use many of the elements that we had before this change but it will be much more diluted, stuff it I’ll tell you what it is.  Originally Project Apollo was meant to be a comedy in the vein of Red Dwarf and Futurama (okay there’s a bit of a hit as to what genre Apollo is lol)but the way the universe is evolving is making it feel like it would not work as well as a slapstick comedy like we had planned.  Now we’re going to take it on a much more serious path but we want to still keep a few light-hearted moments within it so me and Owen will find the right places to put them in.

As I said this change works well for me because I think it’ll suit my style of writing a little more.  Owen emailed me the other day saying that what he has done so far on Apollo is quite serious so I do think it would have worked being a comedy bit too.  Owen is playing around like I am with Project Apollo, neither of us are making an effort to actually start writing this at all but we are finding our feet with it.  I’m not expecting much of what we are doing at the moment to make up the actual text of the finished novel but knowing Owen I have a feeling we will use more of his actual text that’s been written than mine.  I think in the next two months we may have a rough outline of the story and be getting close to making a start on writing a story that we have been kicking around for a good five years 🙂

…………………..Where Was I?

Okay so I havent posted on here for a good 4-5 days, I hit almost total exhaustion.  What with the extra life stresses that we all encounter from time to time that I have at the moment, add in work, trying to hit over ambitious targets, blogging, trying to read a book that had not seduced me and  not having had a decent nights sleep in close to three months all struck home and I think it was thursday that I just lost all momentum with everything.  So since then I have just chilled out, aside from work that is.  I had a damn good Saturday night around a good friends house and watched Dead Silence which I really enjoyed.  Both the company and the film 🙂  Sunday I literally spent the day watching Futurama and relaxing.  I havent turned off my mind to this extent in such a long time, maybe that has been the problem. I’m not making the time to relax the mind as well as the body.

I think I’ll give myself another few days rest before getting back into the swing of things.

Getting Back On Track


At the start of the year I set myself a target of 5000 words a week, I’m halving that to a 2500 minimum.  That I should be able to hit with my eyes closed.  The story that I am working on is still my main project and  give me a few days and I’ll dive into it again.  After a chat with a mate today I’ve had a few good ideas for the wider universe so I think in a few days I’ll be raring to get going at it again.

As for reading I’ve given up with Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.  It just was not captivating me, maybe it was where I’ve been tired but I’ve since started reading Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro and I’m at page 33 in just two days (I’m a slow reader) But this normally indicates that I am getting into the story.

With this blog, I have some great little ideas that I hope that you will all enjoy reading when I put them up and keep you all up to date on how I’m getting along and my random thoughts.

After a rocky start this year is beginning to look up, how about we all make it a year to look back on 🙂