10 Things A Car Cleaner Has Heard A Dozen And More

  1. You’re going to make it rain
  2. Can you do mine while you’re at it?
  3. What do you use to clean the cars with?
  4. Don’t you get tired of doing that every day?
  5. There’s a hose pipe ban on you know
  6. ‘ere mate, you missed a bit
  7. Keep going mate
  8. Do you work here?
  9. How much to clean my car?
  10. Ain’t you done that yet?


A Bee In My Bonnet


That’s my car, my clean car. That’s the cleanest its been in a good nine, ten months which is something that I’ve not been overly happy about. My day job is as a car cleaner at a second hand car sales and I hate having a dirty car but it’s been part laziness and part not having had the time to give it a good going over. So today I took a couple of hours to give it a once over. I gave it a thorough wash with a pressure cleaner, cleared out a garbage bag of rubbish. I Then gave the inside a hoover out, clean the interior windows and wiped off the interior trim. Then I started on the outside with the windows, then I T-Cut the scratches out and waxed the bodywork.

Now I’m sure anyone reading this is bored and isn’t reading this far but I’m going to ramble on anyway 😀 I get a Bee in my bonnet about things and this has been one of them. The last ten days, two weeks the untidiness of my car was really beginning to grate at me. I can generally accept the exterior being grimy but the interior, nah. I have to have at least a halfway tidy inside to my car. I hate having clutter in my car, I really hate having litter in my car.

Now it’s clean I’m going to make sure it stays that way 🙂

Todays Update

Really bad day for anything creative today.  I spent a couple of hours dealing with a minor issue with our chickens which I was not expecting to have to do.  I only slept for a couple of hours due to rather bad toothache which has drained me for the day.  My car is at the moment in an automotive coma and awaiting money to be pumped into it which is causing much frustration but on a plus note my PC which was dead may be resuscitated.  I spoke to my friend who is looking at it and he can save the hard drive which I am rather happy about.  Thankfully I did not have any fiction stuck on there but it’s still going to be good to have it back.  I am still going to switch over to Mac in the next couple of years though.

I did get fiction written today, not much but I got some done.  I started writing some random words recently and that’s grown quite nicely into something that is intriguing me.  I’m doing the organic writer thing here and just writing to see where it goes.

For now though I am going to bed to read for a while before sleep takes me.

Three Things That Should Not Go In Cars

*This post is not to be taken seriously*

1. Cigarettes

I say cigarettes not to do with health (aside from dropping one a
and crashing) but more from a cleanliness point of view. Firstly they make your car smell really bad and that smell can take years to get out and excessive smoking in cars leads to the roof lining of the car turning yellow. Having wet/dry vac’d the roof lining of a car that had been owned by a heavy smoker I can speak from experience on this one.

2. Dogs

Dogs make the list for a number of reasons. They have a habit of chewing parts of the interior. They can drool or be sick. You often get smears on windows from the dog’s noses or tongues. Quite often they add a ‘doggy’ smell to the car but most of all their hair gets into the fabric of the seats and carpets and takes a lot of effort and time to get out. There is a way around a few of the ‘dog in cars’ issues and that is to fit dog bars (if possible) and putting down a sheet or blanket or better yet a custom made seat cover designed to protect the interior from our K9 friends. Even better one of those car cages one may purchase.

3. Children

This one may seem harsh but let me give you my argument. Children can be sick in cars, they have a habit of eating and drinking in cars which runs a high risk of spillage and crumbs as well as chocolate being mashed into the fabric of the interior. Children will also place sticky hands on the windows. Then there are the inevitable toys which get left in the car. I have seen crayons mashed into seats an carpets. There is also the risk of unfortunate ‘accidents’ to take into consideration.

*This post is not to be taken seriously*

My Car Situation

Recently I’ve had to take my car off the road due to some vital repair work that is needed but I don’t have the cash at the moment, so I’ve had to buy a cheap little run around.  Normally I drive a Vauxhall Vectra Elite CDTI, 2004 model.  It’s not far off top of the line, leather seats, climate control etc.  This is obviously quite a nice car to drive.  Yes it is very middle of the road when it comes to cars.  It’s not Sporty, nor is it a luxury car.  It’s not a hot hatch or an off roader, it is just a damn good workhorse.  It has just over a hundred thousand miles on but it feels like it could do another hundred thousand easily.  This car has a nice smooth ride which is perfect for what I need.

 This was taken just after I brought it.

Now though I am driving a Nissan Micra L, 1995 model.  This car has no extras, not even a rear wiper blade!  But I tell you what, It’s really surprised me at just how good a little car it is.  It drives really well and I have not noticed the lack of extras it does not have.  Even the small boot (trunk for all of my fine friends across the Pond) hasn’t bothered me.  I will never sit in the back so it doesnt matter that it’s a three door car.  I’m not married and have no kids so I don’t need to fit prams or large weekly shops in.  At most I’ll have to squeeze four friends into it when we go out, which isn’t often but for what I need it is going to tide me over till the Vectra is back on the road.  Now I will admit that Micra’s are not my favourite car in the world but this one has turned me on them.  I’m enjoying driving something that needs to be driven properly.  Most cars today are quite easy to drive but this one has no power steering or ABS so I need to be more focused on what I’m doing.  Parking without Power Steering is always interesting and the simpler brakeing system means having to read the road conditions more carefully.  I have noticed that I’ve adapted to driving a car with not a lot of power (I havent tried to race any sports cars, yet! lol)

 I hope I havent bored you too much with this post, but I thought it’s about time to play with some pictures on this blog, and seeing as I work in the car trade as a the day job I thought I might actually talk about Cars once in a while. I’m off to watch Spider-Man 3.

Fast 5

I was really disappointed with the fourth film in this series so I had low expectations for this one but it shocked me because it was actually really good and had some intelligence in the script.  This wasnt just another cars screaming around a city.  The main characters, and even a couple of the minor ones had a good growth through out the film.  The cars were, well yeah pukka as you would expect.  What made this film truly stand out from the last couple of let downs in this franchise is Dwayne Johnson.  Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are both good and the characters still work well with each other but Johnson brought in a tension that the other films did not really have because there was a recognisable enemy for them.  The film ‘The Fugitive’ would not have worked as well as it id did if it was not for Tommy Lee Jones and this is the same.  Johnson gives the film another view-point and having him in it must have added appeal for the viewer. 

If you do watch this film make sure you watch it right to the end.