My Car Situation

Recently I’ve had to take my car off the road due to some vital repair work that is needed but I don’t have the cash at the moment, so I’ve had to buy a cheap little run around.  Normally I drive a Vauxhall Vectra Elite CDTI, 2004 model.  It’s not far off top of the line, leather seats, climate control etc.  This is obviously quite a nice car to drive.  Yes it is very middle of the road when it comes to cars.  It’s not Sporty, nor is it a luxury car.  It’s not a hot hatch or an off roader, it is just a damn good workhorse.  It has just over a hundred thousand miles on but it feels like it could do another hundred thousand easily.  This car has a nice smooth ride which is perfect for what I need.

 This was taken just after I brought it.

Now though I am driving a Nissan Micra L, 1995 model.  This car has no extras, not even a rear wiper blade!  But I tell you what, It’s really surprised me at just how good a little car it is.  It drives really well and I have not noticed the lack of extras it does not have.  Even the small boot (trunk for all of my fine friends across the Pond) hasn’t bothered me.  I will never sit in the back so it doesnt matter that it’s a three door car.  I’m not married and have no kids so I don’t need to fit prams or large weekly shops in.  At most I’ll have to squeeze four friends into it when we go out, which isn’t often but for what I need it is going to tide me over till the Vectra is back on the road.  Now I will admit that Micra’s are not my favourite car in the world but this one has turned me on them.  I’m enjoying driving something that needs to be driven properly.  Most cars today are quite easy to drive but this one has no power steering or ABS so I need to be more focused on what I’m doing.  Parking without Power Steering is always interesting and the simpler brakeing system means having to read the road conditions more carefully.  I have noticed that I’ve adapted to driving a car with not a lot of power (I havent tried to race any sports cars, yet! lol)

 I hope I havent bored you too much with this post, but I thought it’s about time to play with some pictures on this blog, and seeing as I work in the car trade as a the day job I thought I might actually talk about Cars once in a while. I’m off to watch Spider-Man 3.

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