Holiday Reading

This festive period I have H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds to finish reading and the first draft of my writing partners (not so) short story.


Now that was the plan, but………… due to a cold (which gave me a fuzzy head every time I looked at anything that I had to concentrate on) and a not writing related issue I have got next to no reading down whatsoever!  Which sucks big time.  I’ve done a little editing of mentioned short story but that’s about it.  I don’t think that I am going to get War Of The Worlds finished this year, which means I wont be able to start the book I got for Christmas, grrrr!  And as I have a lot of writing that I want to do in the next twelve months I need to learn how to read faster.  On the plus side I’ve got a short story edited and hopefully it’ll go down well with my beta readers.

I’m off to watch a movie now, Not sure which one to go for, Hulk, Spider-Man 2 or Paul………………Night Y’all.

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