Going Apple……

With my PC dying and my laptop playing up I am obviously thinking about what to replace them with and getting an Apple Mac keeps popping into my head.  A friend of mine has been bleating on about how good they are for a while now and Owen has one himself, so I may go and nick his for a few hours to see how I get along with it.  Seeing as I love my iPhone and I REALLY would like an iPad I cant see why I wouldn’t want to go the whole hog and convert fully to apple.  Thankfully though despite my laptop playing up it is still working well so I am in no need to replace it just yet so I have a little time before the decision needs to be made.  Maybe a trip up to my local Apple shop to interrogate the staff 😀

Happy Birthday Douglas Adams

For the last few week’s I’ve been saying to myself that I want to watch the movie adaptation of Douglas Adams The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and I finally put it on and started watching as I pottered around.  I checked the Twitter trending topics thing and saw that Douglas Adams was being talked about a lot and then realised that it would have been his birthday today.  Weird or what?

Like many writers Adams is one of my early influences, I remember readingThe Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxyfor the first time and kicking myself that I had not read it before then.  I had not really paid any attention to Adams (like many great things I’ve so far missed out on) until I thought I would see why Owen talked so much about him.

One thing that I am learning recently about myself is that I really need to re-read some of the books that I read when I was younger because I did not really take them in.  I need to read them now because I think that I will appreciate them more now.

One day I will write a really good post about the one and only Douglas Adams but I have only read the one work he is most famous for and I want to read that again very soon.  We should all remember one of the greats of science fiction and comedy, and my friend Paul will not be impressed if I do not mention that Douglas Adams was the first person in Europe I believe to own an Apple Macintosh.


Happy Birthday Douglas Adams, your still as important today as you ever were and I think that as time goes by you will become even more highly spoken of.