Good, Morning Wednesday

This week I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d have liked. THis is totally my fault as Monday night I got stuck into Football Manager a bit and when I did sit down to get some work done I realised that I needed more information on one of the species that Owen has created. Thankfully though, Owen had on Monday sent me a lot of information on this species that I’ve put straight into the Universe Bible that I am creating. After looking through some of these details though I realised I need to speak to Owen before a part in this chapter is written.

So I’ve bypassed this chapter and moved onto the next one which I think is going to be a lot of fun to write. In the first few words that I wrote during my lunch break yesterday I managed to get some good background details for a couple of our characters down.

Tonight I’m going to get stuck into an ARC of a book once I’ve finished my own writing because I’d like to get it read and my review written before the release date in May.

The reason I didn’t write last night was because I went to see the movie John Wick. If you’re thinking about seeing this movie then please do, it really is a fantastic movie that is quite violent but it has a bit of  a sense of humour to it as well as heart. It also introduces us to a world that I’d like to see more of. Keanu Reeves was fantastic in it as well.

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