Terminator Genisys

I am a huge fan of the first two Terminator movies, I’m not as fond of the third film but I liked the fourth movie a lot. I seem to be in the minority about Terminator: Salvation, and I can understand some of the critism of the movie. I was hopeful if another Terminator film was made then we’d get another film set in the future after Judgement Day had happened. I would have liked to have seen where the battle with the machines went before the humans had them all but beaten and the machines had to send a Terminator back to kill Sarah Connor. Instead we’ve got a film which looks like it goes back to before the first Terminator film took place.

Now, obviousy I haven’t seen the film yet, but this does make me a touch nervous. After watching one of the trailers it looks like they’ve made this film in a way that will allow them to start again from when the film takes place, which looks to be mainly taking place in the 80’s, which was when the original film took place.

I would have loved for them to carry on after Salvation, as I said earlier, but this is the way the movies are going and I really hope they pull it off. I have my reservations though. The RoboCop reboot was good, but it didn’t match up to the original film and I fear this Terminator reboot will be the same. I know the director, Alan Taylor, director Thor: The Dark World and a number of episodes of Game Of Thrones (I know he has done more than that but those are what I know him best for) so I’ve got some hope that it is going to work out well but I still fear that it won’t match up to the first two movies.

I am looking forward to seeing Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor though. She’s a dead ringer for Linda Hamilton and after seeing Clarke in Game Of Thrones we know she can act.

Despite my reservations I will be in the cinema to see this movie. I hope they can pull it off.

2 thoughts on “Terminator Genisys

  1. I don’t know whether I hope the movie does well or not. Or if I even care. The sad part is I’m a huge fan of the first two movies and believe that each Terminator movie which followed got progressively worse. This makes a person wonder why I wouldn’t want to see a reboot.

    Because it seems everything is in a constant state of reboot. I’m of the opinion that if a franchise (regardless how much I loved it) has reached a stage the story can’t be carried on with a modicum of quality, it’s time to abandon the franchise and come up with something else. This sense of deja vu I get nearly every time I see a movie trailer has gotten nauseating.

    The fact is the last truly original movie I saw was Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In), a 2008 Swedish film about a bullied 12-year-old boy who develops a friendship with a vampire child.

    Are you listening, Hollywood?


    Enough already with the been here, done that.

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    • I do agree Mark. As I said in the post I’d have liked to see the Terminator story progress on from Terminator: Salvation, just in different hands maybe. I know Joss Whedon tried to buy the rights some years ago, but we’ve got what we’ve got.

      I think Hollywood is so scared of loosing, or not making shed loads of money that they think nostalgia will see them through.

      There is so many great books out there that we haven’t seen close to on film yet. I think this may be where Netflix and Amazon start weighing in and making a few original shows. I think the risks are being taken in TV at the moment and hopefully some of the movie studios will follow suit.


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