Good Afternoon Sunday

This last week hasn’t been too bad when it comes to words written, a couple of thousand words or so at a guess (I have got the numbers somewhere, but not close to hand). I’ve dropped my rough daily word count target to 500 words a day. I think aiming for the 1000 words a day was a little too much for me. It’s all good and well doing NaNo once a year but I don’t think I’m quite ready to be doing that. 500 a day is very doable.

I’ve also felt a little more disciplined this last week while writing. I’ve been writing during my lunch breaks at work and then doing a bit more in the evenings. Writing longhand is slower for me but I’m enjoying the process a lot more this way (I am looking forward to getting this draft typed up once it’s done though).

Discipline is something I need to work on, I’m far too easily distracted (yes, mainly by the internet) but I’ve been trying to turn off a little more lately. One thing I have noticed; I get easily distracted when I’ve come to a part of the story which I get stuck with. Like today, I’ve come to a point in the story where I’m not really sure what to do next. So instead of scrolling through Facebook and Twitter I’ve decided to bore you all with this blog post 😀 But I’m also going to work on a little short story I’ve been thinking of writing. It’s one that takes place in the same universe as Project Apollo and will probably not be read by anyone other than Owen. Should be a fun story to write though 😉 

Now I’m off to watch a bit of football, and maybe get a start on this short story 🙂

A Little Fear and a lot of Frustration

Frustration: I found it really hard to get the motivation to get going tonight. Again, it was a case that once I’d done all of the little bits and pieces that I needed to do once I’d gotten home it was gone 8pm before I had even turned my iMac on. It’s this frustration at not being able to get a good start that really bothers me, but a late start can also be a blessing. Knowing I haven’t got much time to write means I have to focus more and make the most of that limited time. Tonight for example, I’ve managed to write 1400 words in about 50 minutes. Would I have done that if I’d had another hour? Probably not. Last night I had a little more time to write and I only wrote 97 more words and that took me 20 minutes longer. So maybe I need to accept that some nights I won’t be able to start writing till later and that may be a better thing. (and staying off Facebook helps too).

Fear: This little bit of fear I had tonight snuck up on me as I was pouring myself a glass of cola just before coming up to start writing and it was the fear of thinking I won’t hit my target of 30,000 words by January the 1st. Being struck by this fear was very irrational for two reasons. The first is that it doesn’t matter too much if i don’t hit 30k by the 1st. I’ve no deadline set by someone else to hit. It’s a deadline that I set myself. Secondly is that it is the 17th of December and as of tonight I have written 19,415 words this month. That means I’m 2415 words ahead of target (target was 1000 words a day) and even if I only write that 1000 words a day till the end of the month I’ll still hit target.

I don’t know where this fear come from tonight. Perhaps its seeped over from other, non writing, elements of my life. I don’t know. Maybe this is just part of the process, little pins of self-doubt jabbing at me when I’m not actually writing. When I am writing, that’s when things seem to make a little more sense.

Today’s Update 15-12-14

We had to stay late at work for a customer so once I’d gotten home, had dinner and washed up and etc. etc. I didn’t start writing until 8:30 tonight and when I sat down to write I thought I’d struggle to get going. So I wrote on Facebook asking for someone to give me a kick up the arse, and they did, but to be fair I’d already gotten my motivation by that point as I’d looked at the outline for the chapter I was about to start, and it was one which I knew would be a lot of fun to write, and it was. A little emotional too as I killed a couple of characters and one death was a little brutal on other characters.

All in all though I got 1521 words written in 1.2 hours tonight which I was really glad about. I did that in two sessions with about a five minute break in between. This method seems to be working really for me at the moment. The Writing Journal app is really helpful and I’m glad I’ve got it and I’d recommend it to anyone.

The day in general was one that wasn’t great. Nothing major or bad happened, it was just frustrating. Nothing quite went how it normally does, but getting those 1521 words done tonight has made up for all of that frustration.


NaNoWriMo: Day 8

Today, was a little manic to say the least. Saturdays are a little different to the rest of the week in our house, we normally get up a little later which meant I didn’t get as much time to write squeezed in, I only managed about 150 words. Then once I’d finished at work, had a late lunch, cleaned the hen house out and had a bath it was pushing 4:30 and I struggled to get going. I’ve been out tonight, so knowing that I’d only have till about 7:30 I was getting concerned as by 7pm I was still about 800 words off target. (this was after I’d conceded defeat in hitting target for the day but decided I’d might as we get some more words down).
I dived into a couple of sprints on Facebook and was input my word count into and I was about 12 words off the minimum! So I waffled and ended up with 1686 for the day.

The last two days I’ve not been happy with what I’ve written. It’s felt strained and a little out of place in the story and will most likely end up being cut when the time to edit comes along.

Something else I’ve noticed in the last few days as well is I’ve missed a few little details I needed to put into the story earlier on. Aside from one bit there’s not been anything major that I’ve missed but it’s little stuff which is important to remind the reader of once in a while and it also will reinforce a characters motivation. This one detail which needed recurring is in my synopsis and should have been put in as I went along but I forgot to put it in my outline so something I’ve learnt there, is to make sure the synopsis and outline match up.

Now, I’m off to read for a little while. I’ve had a good evening out having a few early birthday drinks for a friends 33rd and tomorrow I’m off to a Write-In in the morning.

My target for the weekend is to be at 20k by the end of the day tomorrow, I’m 701 words off 20k at the moment so I’m feeling confident that I’ll hit that target 🙂

An Hour A Day

Okay guys, I am going to make a commitment here; I am going to write or edit or do plotting stuff for an hour a day. That’s every day, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Christmas day, or my birthday, or a thursday, I’m going to work on something to do with my writing for an hour a day no matter what. It doesn’t have to be all in one go but it has to be an hour minimum.

I’ve made these declarations before; ‘I’m going to write 500 words a day’ ‘I’ll have my first book out this year’ (I’m pretty sure I’ve said that for the last three years). But this I’m really determined to do. The only reason I can’t do this is me, there is no other reason at all. I’m going to use the timer on my fine to keep track of how much time I spend working if it’s not all in one go.

I’m going to update my Facebook ‘Like’ page on how I’m doing with this, I was going to blog but that may get a little tedious as there’d be a lot of short posts. (The link to the ‘Like’ page is on the right of the screen).

I can do this, I just need to get going and get it into being a habit.

Tomorrow is day one.

Making A Start

Yesterday I made a start on the first edit pass of Earth, After Liberation; I didn’t get a great start and I started again today after having gotten four chapters done yesterday. Today I struggled to get going but after about two hours I was finally feeling like I was rolling. I’d set myself of having the first ten chapters done and I hit that target. I will admit that I’m finding this hard going, theres a lot of work that needs to be done to get this into shape and when I have this amount of work to do it starts to sap at my confidence in not only the work but in myself too. Then I kick myself up the arse and realise that it’s all part of the process. I write Earth, After Liberation during NaNoWriMo last year so it’s going to be a little disjointed here and there.

I’d like to have this edit pass done by October which should be quite easy (especially as I should have some time off work next month).

I did do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on saturday, for some reason I couldn’t up load the video directly to this post(I’m pretty sure it was operator error) but if you go to my Facebook or Twitter then you can see it there, the links are on the right-hand side of the screen.



Look At The Good

This is just a quick little post, but I noticed on Facebook this morning that some people really do thrive on spreading controversy under the cloak of educating people. To me this is a load of rubbish, its the same as when governments tell us how big a threat this thing or that thing is instead of trying to educate the population.

For me I’m trying to look at the good things of life. I don’t want to go around telling everyone to be positive because it’s something people do need to learn themselves. I’ve noticed that if you try and throw something down someones throat they’re more then likely reject it. So I just try and look at the good of life and I must say I feel better in myself for thinking that way. My family have a lot of stress and anxiety around us at the moment (I’m not willing to go into details) and I am feeling it but I’m not letting it get to me like it use to. I don’t like being negative, I don’t like how it makes me feel.


Sorry, thats a bit of a rant but sometimes it has to come out.


Have a good Sunday everyone 🙂