NaNoWriMo: Day 8

Today, was a little manic to say the least. Saturdays are a little different to the rest of the week in our house, we normally get up a little later which meant I didn’t get as much time to write squeezed in, I only managed about 150 words. Then once I’d finished at work, had a late lunch, cleaned the hen house out and had a bath it was pushing 4:30 and I struggled to get going. I’ve been out tonight, so knowing that I’d only have till about 7:30 I was getting concerned as by 7pm I was still about 800 words off target. (this was after I’d conceded defeat in hitting target for the day but decided I’d might as we get some more words down).
I dived into a couple of sprints on Facebook and was input my word count into and I was about 12 words off the minimum! So I waffled and ended up with 1686 for the day.

The last two days I’ve not been happy with what I’ve written. It’s felt strained and a little out of place in the story and will most likely end up being cut when the time to edit comes along.

Something else I’ve noticed in the last few days as well is I’ve missed a few little details I needed to put into the story earlier on. Aside from one bit there’s not been anything major that I’ve missed but it’s little stuff which is important to remind the reader of once in a while and it also will reinforce a characters motivation. This one detail which needed recurring is in my synopsis and should have been put in as I went along but I forgot to put it in my outline so something I’ve learnt there, is to make sure the synopsis and outline match up.

Now, I’m off to read for a little while. I’ve had a good evening out having a few early birthday drinks for a friends 33rd and tomorrow I’m off to a Write-In in the morning.

My target for the weekend is to be at 20k by the end of the day tomorrow, I’m 701 words off 20k at the moment so I’m feeling confident that I’ll hit that target 🙂

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 8

    • You keep going too 🙂 I’m doing well at the moment but I’m expecting to crash soon. I’ve been doing NaNo for four years now, and in my three previous years I’ve never done the 50k, but I’ve always come away with lessons learnt and stories which I’ve been able to build from. So don’t worry if you don’t hit 50k, you’ll still win 🙂


      • I’m always happy that I managed to write anything at all, but this year I think I’m just really annoyed with myself at not having won for a few years, so I kind of just want the winner’s certificate, lol.

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