NaNoWriMo: Day 9

Today I managed to get just over 4000 words done today. I went to a write-in/ breakfast with a member of my NaNo region. We didn’t get much writing done but we had a fantastic conversation which was great.

I wrote about 1800 in the early afternoon and the rest this evening. I did a few sprints which helped a lot and I was a little surprised when I saw what my word count for the day was. It also takes me up over the 23k mark 🙂 So my target for hitting the 30k by the end of the week is looking good. A friend also said to me today that I’m almost at the halfway point now, which I hadn’t realised until he said it.

The last couple of days I’ve felt a little like I’ve not been hitting the right notes, and it’s felt like hard work but today it felt a lot more natural. I think I was getting too stuck into the plot and I’d drifted away from building the characters and working on what they were going through. Today I got back to the characters a little more and it felt like it moved the story along nicely, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep on this track better.

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