A Personal Best

Last night I totally flaked out. I was planning on making a start on the next story in this vampire series I’m working on but after being at work till 1pm and then sorting the henhouse out I found I could barely focus or keep my eyes open. So after about half an hour of trying to get some motivation I gave in and chilled out.

This morning, after doing a couple little bits and pieces, I sat down and got myself set up. I wrote a quick post on my local NaNo groups Facebook page saying I’m about if anyone wants to sprint (that’s where we focus on just writing, editing or anything else related to writing) I’m about. One person, Elizabeth, was so we got started. I’d set myself a target to get to for this short story (7000 words) and I was aiming for about 2500 hundred words today.
I sat down at about 10am to start and at 9pm tonight, with a lot of sprints with Elizabeth and later, Anita and Paul, I called it a night. I wrote 7553 words, a personal best, by a good 3500 words. I wouldn’t have done it without the Kent NaNo gang. Knowing someone else is cracking on with a piece of art really does help 🙂

I’ve got to say though, I am absolutely wiped out! I’m surprised how much it’s taken out of me, but I know I could have gone on for another couple of hours if I’d wanted too but with work tomorrow I thought it best.

Something that has struck me since I’ve stopped for the night is, I could have a 10,000 day. I’m not going to strive for one but under the right circumstances I could do it. I’ve heard other writers talk about hitting 5-figure days but I never thought I’d ever really do more then say five or six thousand a day. Now though, 7553, that’s the target to beat. I’m not one to get obsessed with hitting word count targets. I use them to track my progress and see what lengths I’m writing at.

Most of all hitting that many words today has shown me that there is nothing that I can’t do with writing. I’ve got an idea for a World War 2 story, but it intimidates me because it will require a hell of a lot of work and even though I’ve decided to give it a go in the next couple of years it doesn’t feel as intimidating anymore.
That’ll have to wait for me to get a few other ongoing projects wrapped up though.

All in all, a very good day 🙂

(I’m writing this post at the end of the day, and I’m well tired, so please ignore any typos 🙂 )

Making Time To Write

I often hear people say they would love to write but they do not have the time to do so, I used to think that a little but as I heard writers on podcasts say that if you want to write then you will find the time. They are all totally right!

Let’s assume that most of us new writers have day jobs (I do) so that’s, let’s say eight hours a day. I suppose we need to sleep so let’s say that’s another six hours. Let’s say four hours for all the little bits and pieces like house work, cooking, eating and so on. That leaves six hours a day to write. Result! 😀

I know what your thinking “what a load of [insert curse word of choice]”

There is no way that we can break the numbers down like that but let me ask you; how many hours a week do we give up to TV, or surfing the web? Or on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter, blogging even. Okay we can argue that social media is building our brands but how often do we pop over thinking “I wonder what’s happening” and most often nothing has changed since we last checked it. How about the time that we spend on video games as well? And lets not forget partners, kids and other family and friends. This is just some of the distractions that come to mind that distract me and I am the worst in the world for getting dis….. Ooo Audi R8………. Sorry where was I? Oh yes getting distracted. That is something I have to work on because I DO get so much done when I turn off the TV and ignore those pesky notifications.

I also write during my lunch breaks at work, sometimes I write in the mornings before I get to work as well. I have the Pages App on my iPhone so I have the ability to write whenever I want, saying that I also carry a pen and notepad with me the majority of the time. I write whilst standing in cue at the post office or the doctors, the dentist (that ones a good distraction as I’m petrified of the dentists!).

The biggest reason we don’t write is because we think we don’t have the time, if you only manage to write a thousand words a week that’s still 52,000 words a year, but if you are writing regularly it won’t just be a thousand words a week because the more we do something the better we get at it. You will find that if you write two hundred words an hour when you first start off then by the time you’ve been writing regularly you’ll find it’ll be four hundred, then six hundred.

Try to write everyday. I’ve spoken about WriteChain before, the App that gives you a link each day that you write, well on this
App you can set a minimum word count, I’ve set mine at a hundred words, that’s a piece of cake for me but if you start off with a hundred words a day minimum you’ll find that you will be smashing that easily and if you want to up it then go for it but all the time you’re writing you keep adding to your chain, and it feels great seeing that number growing (although I forgot to add a days writing into it once and lost a chain that was about thirty days long, I was gutted!)

So turn off any unwanted distractions and get cracking, if you don’t start writing then no one else is going to start writing your books for you. If you want to write just write.

(This post should have gone live about a year ago but for some unknown reason it did not, my bad because at the end of the day I forgot about it. Since then I have learnt a lot about writing and what the worlds distractions are and how to avoid them)


Time For A Rant: Shares & Re-Tweets

If any of you follow me on Twitter, or have ‘Liked’ my Facebook page you may have noticed that I share and Re-Tweet a lot of things. I do this because I either find something amusing, interesting or its to promote a writer I like or a book I like. Now some of the books I promote I probably haven’t read but I may have a lot of time for the author. This I will always do and I don’t do it for any other reason then I like to share these things, and if its a book, or a film or a writer I like I will scream it from the roof tops. I’m not expecting anything in return, I do this because I like to share the things that I find entreating. When its a fellow writer I’m even more keen to share their work because in a lot of cases they are Indie authors who I have gotten to know and they are awesome people.

If you are wondering why I am writing all this It is because I had a message via Twitter saying that I do this too much. The funny thing is the person that sent me the message has been someone whose work I’ve Re-Tweeted from time to time. When I pointed this out they un-followed me. Am I going to stop? no, not a chance. If I believe in something I talk about it, if people don’t like it I really don’t care. It’s not like I’m aggressively giving these shout outs like me invites on Facebook (Don’t get me started).


Okay Rant over 🙂


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Good Morning Sunday

This coming week I am removing all the silly little distractions that I put in front of myself. I’m my own worst enemy with these little things if I’m bluntly honest. I’ve got next to no attention span which doesn’t help and I need to find my focus again.

I amextremely excited about the projects that I have around me at the moment, Chrystalyn sent me something for The Residents in the week which had me all but bouncing around the showroom at work. I’ve got an email from Owen which I’ve been waiting for to read which I’ll be doing later tonight. That will put us in a good place for when we sit down on the 8th to thrash out the final details of Project Apollo.

Both Project Apollo and The Residents are demanding that I push my writing abilities. I’m working with two great writers which in itself is exciting and I need to step up my game. I know I can do it, it is in me. There have been times when I have written things and I’ve thought Wow! And the few people that have read my work have been favourable with their comments so the only thing I have to defeat is me, and I’m not talking about my dyspraxia here. I’m talking about how easily I am distracted, so if anyone who follows me on Twitter, or ‘Likes’ me on Facebook (links to the right of the screen) and you see me active on there in the evenings feel free to tell to sod off and do some writing.


A Quick Update

Most of the last week I have been fighting an irritating cold. Nothing serious but when I do get a cold it gives me a fuzzy head and doing anything creative is thrown out of the window. This annoys me because I had a little momentum going from last week and that’s just gone out of the window. I’m past the worst now so ill be back on creating soon. Probably after the easter break as I seem to have a lot on this weekend.
A lot of today has been spent trying to get a blog post written or a little bit of fiction done but that was not happening so most of it has been spent on Facebook, Twitter and over here at WordPress and watching a lot of TV!

So have you seen that Amazon have brought Goodreads, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing just yet. I’m willing to wait and see how it all plays out. Tobias Buckell wrote a very interesting post about it, here’s the link http://www.tobiasbuckell.com/2013/03/29/amazon-has-acquired-goodreads-huh/

I’m going to change how often I write my Movie Monday posts. They are not getting the response I was hoping for so I’m going to change it to a monthly post as opposed to a weekly one.

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To end tonight’s post I would like to say a few words in the memory of British actor Richard Griffiths. He passed away last night and I, like many around the world, will miss seeing him on our screens. I remember him mainly from the TV series Pie In The Sky and the movie The History Boys. Mr. Griffiths was an outstanding actor who also came across as a intelligent and good person as well.

R.I.P. Richard Griffiths

Todays Update

NaNoWriMo is not going to be a success for me this year I don’t think.  I have too much on my plate to give it my full focus at the moment.  What with The Space Watch in the pipeline and a couple of things in my personal life that are taking my attention NaNo has fallen by the wayside. I’m still going to keep at my NaNo project but not with as much determination.

I really need to get a little structure into my writing week.  I have monday through to friday evenings to write.  I get home from work about 6:30pm and once I’ve had dinner tidied myself up it’s normally just gone 7pm.  Now I want to be able to start winding down at about 9pm so that gives me about two hours each night to work on my fiction.  As I said I am going to crack on with NaNo, so Monday and Tuesday nights I am going to write, Thursdays and Fridays I am going to edit.  Wednesdays will be catching up on blogs and searching for artists or looking up e-book formatting tips and so forth. This routine is not set in stone, but I do want to be cracking out work in the evenings.  I have a lot I want to get out in the next year so getting into this routine is vital I think.  I am playing around a little with how I write as well but I’ll fill you in on that later.

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Tonight has been one of those nights where I’ve not stopped.  I had not really appreciated just how many books I have and I’ve got to admit I’m quite proud of my collection.  But I’ve got that back into my room after decorating it and now I just have all the crap that I’ve got to go through to sort out and black sack the rubbish.  I have managed to get a little writing done, when I say a little I wrote just over my minimum daily target but I’m happy with that.  Give it another week and I’m positive that I’ll be getting into a proper routine and getting some serious work done.  At the moment I’m not able to really get stuck in to anything as I’m waiting on Owen getting back to me on one of our projects which I want to get the 2nd draft done of.  Once I’ve read through it and made my notes I can get cracking with it.  We’ve decided to change it slightly so we’re going to re-write it to a large extent which will let us put in the world building details and some other little plot threads as well.

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That’s all from me as I need sleep.  Night all 🙂