A Lot Of Progress Made

Me and Owen have had a long chat and a brainstorm today and we’ve made a lot of progress in the current project we’re working on, and we’ve made some good ground on another project which we’re calling ‘Project Apollo’ this story is tied into the one we’ve put a lot of work into this year and we now have a basic plot line for it.  So we have another project that we are now starting to put some focussed thought into.  Although this short story that me and Owen have been working on I don’t think we can call it a ‘short’ story anymore, seeing as it’s over 18,000 words now.

A lot of what we talked about was some of the technical and world building aspects of the Project Apollo world, but looking back there is still a lot more that we need to look at.  There is a film by Guillermo del Toro called Hellboy II : The Golden Army, In this film there is a scene in a place called The Troll Market. In this scene the attention to detail is beyond impressive and it makes this scene so rich and even more believable then it already is and that is the detail that we, as writers, need to put into our work.  I’m not talking about listing every single thing down to the way a character ties their laces, unless it is of importance.

Project Apollo is a project that I have mentioned before.  Its one of mine and Owen’s oldest ideas and it feels good that we’re getting some traction on it once more.  We are still in the very early stages of this one but we have a feel for the universe now and with the main plot now roughly decided we can start looking at putting a plan together and see if we stick to it.


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