Wiped Out

Since Wednesday night I have been absolutely wiped out with a dental infection.  I got treatment for it on Thursday night but it has really knocked me sideways so I havent written anything what so ever.  I do often get ill, yes I ge the odd cold here and there but never anything that knocks me off my feet like this.  I have not had a decent nights sleep since Tuesday and have not eaten anything solid since Wednesday also.  So when I have not been at work I have been home resting trying to let my body fight this minor infection, yes I am a total wimp!  But as I said I don’t often get ill, in maybe 12 years of full-time employment I have had 10, maybe 12 days off sick.  I am back at work tomorrow though so even though its wiped me out I’m holding enough strength to keep going to work, the writing will wait until I am back to normal.  okay lets say healthy, im sure many people will say that I’ve never been ‘Normal’ lol.  writing wise I had started off very I was hitting my daily targets with ease so I will get back running with that once I’m better.

Believe me when I say I’m not whining or trying to get sympathy.  Especially when there are people out there that have truly severe health problems.  Which brings me to sending a very big ‘Get well Soon’ to the one and only Neil Clarke who suffered a heart attack last week.  Heres the link to the Clarkesworld Website http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/ Thankfully Mr Clarke looks like he’s recovering well and my best wishes are with him and his family and friends at this tough time.

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