End Of Week Update

The fiction front has been rather lax this week.  I’ve written I guess at most 500 words but aside from 2 days I have written almost everyday this week.  My Girlfriend Tracie is off to visit her sister in Wales for a couple of weeks so I’m going to focus on work and my writing in that time.  Seeing as my car has died and I don’t have the cash to fix it I will have plenty of time at home to watch Futurama and procrastinate on Facebook write.  I do still have edits to do and I am still in between projects so I still feel like I’m in a little limbo.

Owen has not got back to me on the project we’ve been working on for almost a year now.  We’re in the editing stage but I havent started writing my notes because Owen wanted to read through it before I did, I’m still waiting…………………

A couple of other projects are progressing slowly but mainly these are little ideas which are popping into my head.  I think I have solved a major minor problem on Project Phoenix, but I don’t think that we’ll be doing any serious work on that for at least eighteen months, more likely two years.  Me and Owen have Project Apollo in the early stages and I have my own projects that I want to dive into as well.  There is also NaNoWriMo to start thinking about, it’s not far away now people, better start thinking about some of the research that I need to do.

On Sunday I am going to get stuck into finishing that story I’ve had edits on, I am determined to finish this edit Sunday so if you see me on Twitter or Facebook feel free to tell me to go and do some editing 🙂

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