Needs Dynamite To Blow A Hole In This Writers Block

I’m finding that ideas are flowing quite well at the moment but getting them down onto paper is a different story.  The grey matter is still working and the ideas that I am having are mainly world building ideas which are making two worlds that I write in feel like they will have more depth when I go back to working on them.  Another idea that I have is that I have is gaining some ground because a TV series that I am watching on DVD is of a similar idea (Thanks to my girlfriend for getting me that for my birthday 🙂 )

This lack of being able to write is getting to me now as I am even struggling to write blog posts! I have three blog posts partly written which I just cannot wrap up.  Add in a writing partner argument which has come close to ending the partnership and a number of non-writing life issues I am more than a little frustrated at the moment (including computer/laptop issues), but it is the lack of being able to write (and Edit) that is driving me crazy.

As I’ve said in previous posts I am still having ideas and the ideas are getting stronger which I think means the actual writers block is lifting and that I just need to beat the fatigue from a long working week before I am back to writing again.

In other areas I am still reading ESTRA Corp. by Christopher Stocking.  I thought I would have had this read by now, but falling asleep almost as soon as I get home has slowed my pace a little.  I have just got to a bit which has thrown a little surprise at me so I’m keen to see where Mr. Stocking is taking that little thread.  I’ll have a couple of hours where I can get stuck into the story today so hopefully I’ll have it wrapped up soon.

I recently saw The avengers or Avengers Assemble as its titled over here in the UK and I will just say “WOW” There will be a post about that in the next few days hopefully.

In the last week I’ve also re-listened to the audio books of The Caves Of Steel and I, Robot by the master that is Issac Asimov which has been very eye-opening.  I think where I’ve grown as a writer since I listened to them last I am finding much more appreciation for the skill with which they are written and the strength of content within them.  Asimov was truly a pioneer of the genre and I must discover more of his work.  I may readFoundationagain soon.

As always feel free to follow and ‘Like’ me on Facebook and Twitter respectively, those links are on the right hand side of your screen and hopefully the words will move from my head onto paper before too long 🙂

2 thoughts on “Needs Dynamite To Blow A Hole In This Writers Block

  1. Argh, frustrating to say the least, but it sounds like you may be working through it. The important thing, I think, is to not beat yourself up for the time you’re not writing. That just makes it worse. Realize that you may need to recharge, let it go, move forward. And, of course, you’re not alone. 🙂


    • Hi, thanks for the support. I was beating myself up quite badly when it first hit because I was worried that I wouldnt get writing again, but now I do know that it is only a matter of time before I’m moving forward again 🙂


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