Todays Update

I can’t really find a good reason why I have found it difficult to get some writing done recently, but today I did get some writing done.  Yes, I am very tired.  I have a very demanding day job, which I thoroughly enjoy but it does drain me.  I’ve had some really silly things crop up which put me off my stride, but tonight nothing did.  I got home, ate dinner, showered and then got cracking despite the day’s fatigue slowly setting in.  That’s what I need to do though, I need to be able to write when I am tired or stressed out and so on.  What I’ve written tonight might not be very good, or very many words but it does fill in a few details of the story that I am working on but most importantly its words written.  It doesnt matter if I delete them tomorrow when I look at the story again, saying that I doubt I’ll do that, my point is, its words written.  My mind has thought through aspects of this story and hopefully when I fire up this laptop tomorrow more words will flow.

Editing is something that I have a lot to do also at the moment.  My brilliant Beta readers have taken the time to read two of my stories so I need to get those edits done and then get them off for submission.  That’s something that I’m going to have a whack at on Friday after work.

I desperately need to catch up on the amazing blogs that I follow as well.

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Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro is really getting interesting and if I havent finished reading it by the end of the month then I will be very surprised, or I would have written and edited a lot 🙂

Dishing Out The (Very) Good Stuff

Morning all, well its morning here so morning all.  I am half a sleep so grammar, spelling and general sloppiness should be expected this morning.  This a quick post that I am posting to say a BIG thank you to Chrystalyn (I really hope I’m spelling your name right here!) lol Who gave me an amazing bloggers award. Here is the link to her amazing blog I’m cheating and am going to do a half arsed job about this because I should be doing a comprehensive post and spreading the award to some of the other amazing bloggers that I follow (If you follow me on Twitter you know I share the good stuff on there)

Chrystalyn’s blog is a very interesting one, it has a mixture of fiction and her real life which gives us a great insight into where her fiction comes from.  Her MinutesIntoThe Moments are especially good.

So if you havent already click on the above link and see how amazing her blog is, and if you like what you see, Spread The Hope on Facebook or Twitter or your own blog 🙂

The Need To Read More

I was talking to a friend on Facebook last night about Shakespeare and Poetry by poets like Thomas Hardy and Alfred Lord Tennyson and she pointed me to a couple of poems that she really liked and I found that I liked them too.  I am proper dense with poetry, I don’t often get the hidden meanings and so forth but the poems she pointed me too were quite dark and morbid which I can be like at the best of times and I got them, kind of.  Maybe it’s were I’m older now or where I’ve read more fiction over the years that I don’t just feel dumb when I’m reading Poetry.  I still don’t think that I’ll ever be a big poem person but I am tempted to get some of Hardy’s and Tennyson’s work and read through them once in a while.

A Good Start and A New Resolve

I knocked out just over 1100 words this evening which I’m happy with. It feels like its given me a good start.  Last week ended oddly to say the least but it gave me a fresh resolve for not just my writing but for my life as well.  I’m much more focused than I have been for a while and If this mentality stayed with me I’m sure that I will easily hit my 10k target for this week.  I’m preparing for this If I’m honest and I intend to have early night’s so I wake up focused and hopefully will have more energy for work which will leave me more strength to write when I get home.

There are some great people cheering me on, on here and Twitter and Facebook as well as friends and family so I have no real reason except my own lack of discipline to hit this target.  If I do the story will be close to completion I think and the home straight will be firmly in sight.

With all that in mind I’m going to check out a couple of blog posts and then off to bed for a bright and early start 🙂

A Challenging Week Ahead

This next coming week is going to be an interesting I think.  I’m taking my Grandad up to spend the week with his sister so that will take about four hours or so, so I’m not expecting to get a lot of words written today, but despite that I am setting myself a 10,000 word target to hit by this time next week (I need my head examined) This means that I am going to need to write about 2000 words a day so I am going to be writing pretty much every waking moment that I am not working, eating or sleeping.  So this is where you guys can help, If you see me really active on Twitter and Facebook tell me to get writing!  I’d appreciate it 🙂

Although I wont have much time today I’d still like to get a good start when I get back this afternoon, 1000 words would be good, and If I hit the 10k target then we’ll be close to having the 2nd draft completed.

I’m closing in on my 100th post here as well which I am quite chuffed about if I’m honest and I’m already working on that post.

I was around a good friends house last night and we watched The Crazies and I’ve got to say that I really enjoyed it.  It was not quite a zombie film, I guess it’s more of a breakout film, but it had a good story with a really good cast, its been added to my ‘DVD’s to buy’ list.  As I was watching it I thought to myself that I really want to write a zombie story.  Another story to create, but I’ve got others to write before then.

Have a Good Sunday everyone 😀

Sharing The Good Stuff

I was just reading Big Mike’s recent blog post where the good fellow has given me an award 😀 and normally I would pay the award forward but right now I am just too shattered.  I’m a typical man in that when I’m ill, I’m Ill!!!! over here we call it man-flu (yes us men are a bunch of wimps) so I’m exhausted but what I did do was share Big Mike’s link with my Twitter followers which also links into my Facebook friends and my LinkdIn connections.  It can’t be easier to share a post.  Aside from doing a copy and paste most blogs have the various share options somewhere on their pages so from now on if I really like a post I’m going to share.

Now I AM going to bed because I have work tomorrow!

10k Words To Hit By The End Of The Week

That is my target for this week.  On the project that I am working on I am at 3000 words and I am determined to be at 10,000 by the end of the week (especially as a friend scoffed when I told her that I wanted to hit this target)  So this week I will be going on a major NaNoWriMo style writing marathon till the weekend which means that each evening I will be locking myself away for a good couple of hours and just write!  So I will not be on Facebook, Twitter, here, or Google+ until I’ve hit my target for the night.

So I’ll catch you all later and have a good evening 🙂

Social Networking

I have heard a lot of writers and editors talking about building a presence online through social networks which I tend to agree with, but one of the things that they say is not to let it over take over the actual writing.  I tried to write tonight but no matter how hard I tried no words knitted together into a cohesive sentence.  So I started flicking through a few blogs and re-following people on Twitter.  With Twitter I tend to re-follow most of the people who follow me.  The only times that I don’t is when the person has been on Twitter a long time and has never actually tweeted.  Just lately I’ve un-followed a few people who don’t follow me and never tweet anything of interest.  I tend to steer clear of people who use excessive bad language or are just plain nasty.  I wont ask my followers to follow people who have asked me to recommend them, I’d rather re-tweet something that they wrote that was of interest.  I’m on LinkedIn and Google+ as well but am still finding my feet with those two.  I’ve got a MySpace which I’ve never really got into and obviously I have Facebook.  The two that I use the most are Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter is for all, I don’t care who follows me at all, Facebook is for me.  I have a few people from Twitter on Facebook but as a general rule it’s mainly for my family and close friends.  Most of the people there I have met and I have photos of children who are those of friends or family.  This brings me to whether I have my Facebook linked in to my blog, I’m holding off on this because I like having the separation between Facebook and Twitter.  An alternative is to have a ‘like’ or fan page on Facebook, but I’ve not got anywhere yet.  I’ve not even submitted anything yet so I feel a little like a fraud  when I think about doing the fan page, but would it really be any different to having a Twitter account?  I doubt I’m the only person in this position.


As for my writing, I finished off my Christmas story and will be editing it in the next couple of days.  I need to finish the edit of another short story as well.  This second one is a story that I intend to submit in the new year.  Although I have written a good ten short stories in the last eighteen months most of those are part of a series that I still need to do a little work on.  Mainly continuity issues but until they are put right I can’t really start sending them off for submission.

Novel wise I am still struggling with getting our main project off the ground, but I have had some inspiration on another project so I think I may crack on with that one to see where I can take it.

What’s In A Name?

I was talking to a friend recently about how giving a character a name made that character come to life. The conversation started after I’d said that I had put a post on facebook basically asking if anyone wanted to be ‘killed’ in the story that I’m currently working on (it’s my NaNoWriMo story). This led to me saying that in the novel that I have co-written and am about to re-write I have people that I know named in it but none have their full name mentioned except one. I had decided to name this one character after a friend and once I started playing some ideas out in my head the characters personality really began to come through as I wrote and he’s become someone that I want to have in the story. The character and the person that he is named after are not carbon copies of each other, but the spirit of him is there and that makes the character much more real. If I could get that depth into some of my other characters I’d be well happy.
This does beg the question of just how much of us is in our names. Many of my friends call me by my nickname, some of them I don’t believe have ever called me by my forename and one of my friends has a long name which is shortened and it suits her.
I do think a name can be defining of us as it can evolve as we do. Would we love Del Boy as much if we only knew him as Derek Trotter? Would Bruce Willis be the action hero if he was known as Walter Willis? Or how about Ozzy Osbourne or Meat Loaf?
These are all people that have a name that they are known by which isn’t what is on their birth certificates but it’s who they are. True, a rose by any other name is still a rose, but that’s a plant. Two roses can be the same, two humans cannot be.