A Good Start and A New Resolve

I knocked out just over 1100 words this evening which I’m happy with. It feels like its given me a good start.  Last week ended oddly to say the least but it gave me a fresh resolve for not just my writing but for my life as well.  I’m much more focused than I have been for a while and If this mentality stayed with me I’m sure that I will easily hit my 10k target for this week.  I’m preparing for this If I’m honest and I intend to have early night’s so I wake up focused and hopefully will have more energy for work which will leave me more strength to write when I get home.

There are some great people cheering me on, on here and Twitter and Facebook as well as friends and family so I have no real reason except my own lack of discipline to hit this target.  If I do the story will be close to completion I think and the home straight will be firmly in sight.

With all that in mind I’m going to check out a couple of blog posts and then off to bed for a bright and early start 🙂

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