So Far, So Good

I’m so far on target to hit my 2500 words by Sunday evening so I’m feeling pretty good about that.  I was really fired up by Aly Hughes blog (Which I re-blogged, for you all to read) and I managed to knock out a fair few words tonight when I did not really feel like writing.

I had a weird start to the day.  It was like I couldn’t get going, not only mentally but also my body just did not seem to want to wake up.  How I made it through till eleven,ish when I did start feeling myself again I have no idea but I did and managed to have a pretty decent day.

Something that I feel may be happening soon is that I have another rant about the Transformers movies.  I just watched the third one again and things need to be said! lol

Scott Sigler is really kicking arse with his book The All-Pro  which is getting better with each sentence.  Not only is the core story amazing but the world building that Sigler is doing is spectacular and I am sure that he is building to some huge events in the future of this universe.

Just one last thing, I’d like to point you all to my Twitter and Facebook pages which you can see on the right hand side of my blog >>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m off to crack on with The All-Pro so good night everyone 😀

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