The All-Pro By Scott Sigler

As you guys probably know I have been reading The All-Pro  and as I’ve got to the second half of the book it really pulled me along with little effort.  Sigler has given us what I think is one of his best books to date with The All-Pro bearing in mind that his publishers don’t publish this and its a self published effort. The All-Pro  is following the career of young Quintin Barnes who has become the starting quarter back for the Ionath Krakens in the Galactic Football League.  So it’s basically American Football in space, the biggest difference is that Barnes is playing against and with aliens that either worship him, or would be quite happy to eat him.  I’m not an american football fan, but this is a sport that I’d like to see.  Many different species of intelligent life forms of different shapes and sizes? whats not to like about that?

The characters are unique and fascinating, even the games themselves are the edge of your seat action sequences. There is a little romance, lots fo deceit and threat and suspense.  Not only is the storyline itself very good but Sigler has put a lot of world building into this book which is very clearly leading up to something spectacular on a galactic scale. This was already a strong universe due to two previous books in the series and Sigler’s The Crypt series of stories which are set in the same universe but this took it all to another level and I cant wait to pre-order the next book in the series The MVP.

Please go and check out the link above and find out for yourself just how strong a series this is shaping up to be.

The next book that I will be reading is Estra Corp by Christopher Stocking.

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