The All-Pro By Scott Sigler

As you guys probably know I have been reading The All-Pro  and as I’ve got to the second half of the book it really pulled me along with little effort.  Sigler has given us what I think is one of his best books to date with The All-Pro bearing in mind that his publishers don’t publish this and its a self published effort. The All-Pro  is following the career of young Quintin Barnes who has become the starting quarter back for the Ionath Krakens in the Galactic Football League.  So it’s basically American Football in space, the biggest difference is that Barnes is playing against and with aliens that either worship him, or would be quite happy to eat him.  I’m not an american football fan, but this is a sport that I’d like to see.  Many different species of intelligent life forms of different shapes and sizes? whats not to like about that?

The characters are unique and fascinating, even the games themselves are the edge of your seat action sequences. There is a little romance, lots fo deceit and threat and suspense.  Not only is the storyline itself very good but Sigler has put a lot of world building into this book which is very clearly leading up to something spectacular on a galactic scale. This was already a strong universe due to two previous books in the series and Sigler’s The Crypt series of stories which are set in the same universe but this took it all to another level and I cant wait to pre-order the next book in the series The MVP.

Please go and check out the link above and find out for yourself just how strong a series this is shaping up to be.

The next book that I will be reading is Estra Corp by Christopher Stocking.

So Far, So Good

I’m so far on target to hit my 2500 words by Sunday evening so I’m feeling pretty good about that.  I was really fired up by Aly Hughes blog (Which I re-blogged, for you all to read) and I managed to knock out a fair few words tonight when I did not really feel like writing.

I had a weird start to the day.  It was like I couldn’t get going, not only mentally but also my body just did not seem to want to wake up.  How I made it through till eleven,ish when I did start feeling myself again I have no idea but I did and managed to have a pretty decent day.

Something that I feel may be happening soon is that I have another rant about the Transformers movies.  I just watched the third one again and things need to be said! lol

Scott Sigler is really kicking arse with his book The All-Pro  which is getting better with each sentence.  Not only is the core story amazing but the world building that Sigler is doing is spectacular and I am sure that he is building to some huge events in the future of this universe.

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I’m off to crack on with The All-Pro so good night everyone 😀

Todays Update

I can’t really find a good reason why I have found it difficult to get some writing done recently, but today I did get some writing done.  Yes, I am very tired.  I have a very demanding day job, which I thoroughly enjoy but it does drain me.  I’ve had some really silly things crop up which put me off my stride, but tonight nothing did.  I got home, ate dinner, showered and then got cracking despite the day’s fatigue slowly setting in.  That’s what I need to do though, I need to be able to write when I am tired or stressed out and so on.  What I’ve written tonight might not be very good, or very many words but it does fill in a few details of the story that I am working on but most importantly its words written.  It doesnt matter if I delete them tomorrow when I look at the story again, saying that I doubt I’ll do that, my point is, its words written.  My mind has thought through aspects of this story and hopefully when I fire up this laptop tomorrow more words will flow.

Editing is something that I have a lot to do also at the moment.  My brilliant Beta readers have taken the time to read two of my stories so I need to get those edits done and then get them off for submission.  That’s something that I’m going to have a whack at on Friday after work.

I desperately need to catch up on the amazing blogs that I follow as well.

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Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro is really getting interesting and if I havent finished reading it by the end of the month then I will be very surprised, or I would have written and edited a lot 🙂

Done It!

Last night I finally got over the problem that was holding me up on the WIP that I am working on with Owen and the weight that came off my shoulders over it was unbelievable. I’ll be able to get cracking on it later tonight so I can’t wait.  I’m on the final stretch of this story now so I’m getting excited about this again.

Something that’s helped me with project phoenix (did I call it that?) lol anyway something that helped me with a character in that was The Hunger Games. Seeing how Katness is in that story  has broken loose an idea about the main female character in the book.  The way the Katness is played  gave me some new angles on her to portray my character.  I always wanted her to be a certain way, similar but not the same as Katness but seeing how she was portrayed here has got the grey matter working.  By the way, I really enjoyed the film and I think I will definitely be buying the books.  Jennifer Lawrence really aced the character of Katness.

I’m putting a proper dent into Scott Sigler’sThe All-Prowhich is getting better and better by the page.  I’m curious to see what Sigler is building up to in this series.  He’s released the first three books, out of seven, and there are some big things that I think Sigler is building up to in this storyline.


Not That Normal Monday Feeling

Normally Mondays are not the most popular day of the week, but despite an irritating start to the day it has turned out pretty good.  I’m really getting stuck into Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro ( ) and I’ve started reading an e-book on my iPhone’s Kindle app (the first time that I’m trying this) The book is J.J. Harkin’s Angels Of Apocalypse,  (!/authorjjharkin ) which after only a few pages I’m enjoying so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in it.  I also listened to Michael Chrichton’s Jurassic Park, which is always a fascinating listen.

I’ve done some quite serious thinking today aswell, some of the changes that I want to make in the next few years look rather difficult, but more than achievable.  I’ve also been thinking about what I wrote last night and how I can elaborate on it.  Its one of those stories that I do not think that will ever see the light of day, but it could be something that I can exercise my writing ability on.  It is a very emotional piece which I think will be good to explore 🙂

Project Phoenix has also popped into my head a little as well and one major thought was crawling around my head until I had a proper revelation for a piece of the stories history.  I’m going to write a couple of little stories for Phoenix as well because I need to find a proper feel for one of the main characters.  So I’m going to throw him into a couple of demanding situations to see what he does.

I’m not going to declare a word count target to his this week, but I am going to have a couple of evenings where I will just be punching the keyboard 🙂

…………………..Where Was I?

Okay so I havent posted on here for a good 4-5 days, I hit almost total exhaustion.  What with the extra life stresses that we all encounter from time to time that I have at the moment, add in work, trying to hit over ambitious targets, blogging, trying to read a book that had not seduced me and  not having had a decent nights sleep in close to three months all struck home and I think it was thursday that I just lost all momentum with everything.  So since then I have just chilled out, aside from work that is.  I had a damn good Saturday night around a good friends house and watched Dead Silence which I really enjoyed.  Both the company and the film 🙂  Sunday I literally spent the day watching Futurama and relaxing.  I havent turned off my mind to this extent in such a long time, maybe that has been the problem. I’m not making the time to relax the mind as well as the body.

I think I’ll give myself another few days rest before getting back into the swing of things.

Getting Back On Track


At the start of the year I set myself a target of 5000 words a week, I’m halving that to a 2500 minimum.  That I should be able to hit with my eyes closed.  The story that I am working on is still my main project and  give me a few days and I’ll dive into it again.  After a chat with a mate today I’ve had a few good ideas for the wider universe so I think in a few days I’ll be raring to get going at it again.

As for reading I’ve given up with Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.  It just was not captivating me, maybe it was where I’ve been tired but I’ve since started reading Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro and I’m at page 33 in just two days (I’m a slow reader) But this normally indicates that I am getting into the story.

With this blog, I have some great little ideas that I hope that you will all enjoy reading when I put them up and keep you all up to date on how I’m getting along and my random thoughts.

After a rocky start this year is beginning to look up, how about we all make it a year to look back on 🙂