My Thoughts on Transformers: Age of Extinction


Overall I really enjoyed this forth movie in this series and it’s probably my favourite so far (although Dark of the Moon is a close second). I think it would have taken a lot for me not to have enjoyed it, it did after all have Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into battle; come on what else do we need? Hound was an excellent addition to the Autobots ranks, a lot of his attitude came from John Goodman’s vocal work which with the look of Hound worked so well. Whoever decided to have Hound in this movie, and like this deserves a pat on the back.
I like Mark Wahlberg and he was good in this, the standout human character for me though was Kelsey Grammer. I’ve not seen him in this sort of role before and I personally think he aced it.

Now for what I didn’t like:

The biggest thing, and I’ve talked about this before, is the lack of continuity between these films. None of them make any sense in relation to the other. Why not work from the back-story from the third movie as I think that was the strongest? But it probably wasn’t thought of until they came to write the third film.
I didn’t get the bounty hunter element in this film, I’m a fan of the original cartoon but I haven’t seen all of the episodes and comics etc. so maybe that’s a storyline I’ve missed but it just didn’t really work for me. Nor did Galvatron’s origin and how he, and his minions, transformed. If you’re going to introduce Galvatron, introduce Unicron. Every sin from the previous live action movies would have been forgotten for me if they had introduced Unicron. That storyline alone is ready made and I really can’t fathom why they aren’t tapping it. I can only hope it’s further down the line.
I’m not going to go into any plot holes except the one where they’re trying to get the ‘seed’ out of Hong Kong; why didn’t Drift take it? Not only was he a Bugatti Veyron, but also a helicopter (why this character couldn’t have been Springer?) so couldn’t he have flown it out of the city?

As a general rule I do like Michael Bay’s movies, I know he has his critics but the movie going public like the beats he puts into his films. Even though I have things I truly hate about the four, live action, Transformer films I can watch them over and over again as they are a lot of fun.

Overall, I really enjoyed Transformers: Age of Extinction. Turn your brain off at the door and enjoy watching giant robots kicking the steel out of each other. I’ve seen it twice, and could quite easily go and see it again ūüėä

Transformers 4

This I’m excited about simply because its transformers and apparently Mark Wahlburg is going to be in it ūüėÄ the previous films were great because they had giant robots kicking six shades of sh*t out of each other but the plots were weak, crap continuity and lots of over acting. The forth one though I’d like to see a bit of a different direction taken. Some of the images of what the disguised transformers are going to look like are awesome, once you’ve gotten past the part where many are super cars. Which do tend to look awesome but not very discreet for giant robots trying to hide.

Anyway, I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment but I am looking forward to this one when its out. It’ll be interesting to see if there has been any evolution from the previous films and whether the mistakes will have been learnt from.

The Avengers vs. Transformers

This¬†is not¬†a post looking at who would win in a smack down between these two forces, although that’s a damn good idea.¬† I could quite easily see the Hulk tearing six shades of metal out of any of the transformers, but that’s¬†not what this post is about, it’s about the movies that have graced cinema screens over the last few years.¬† Now if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll know my opinion of the Transformers movies and The Avengers too, but this blog post comes from a simple thought that I had the other day ‘Is The Avengers the movie that the Transformers movies should have been?’

Before I get into this I just want to say that I am a fan of Michael Bay, he makes good movies, they may not be what the critics want but the movie goer keeps coming back for more.¬† Now, I wont say he’s movies are perfect.¬† The second Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen, in particular has issues.

The thing that, for me, let the Transformer movies down was the¬†lack of a continuing storyline between the three films, and how annoying Sam Witwicky¬†(Shia LaBeouf)¬†and his storylines were. The visuals were stunning and the battle sequences, especially in the third movie, Dark Of The Moon, were spectacular, but the movies were too adult. They had that edge to them that steered them more towards the adult market in my opinion. Mainly due to adult language and the way that sex is at the front of the movies. I guess you can blame Bay for this as he as director shot the scenes, but we did not need to follow the¬†character of Carly (Rosie Huntingly-Whitely) up the stairs as she is wearing just a shirt and some underwear. Theres a fair bit of over acting in the movies as well which I found more annoying than¬†amusing. I’d have liked to have seen more of Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and the military side of the movies myself.¬† The humour in the films isn’t¬†bad, but it doesnt seem to sit well¬†at times, almost like it was forced into the script.

Now The Avengers is a totally different kettle of fish.¬† For me Marvel Studios have made a much better job of putting their movies together.¬† The Avengers has been built up after five other movies, each one was pretty¬†much a stand alone film but all of them are tied together, and watching all of them makes a richer experience.¬† No these movies are not perfect but they have had a hell of a lot of attention put into them and unlike the Transformers movies there is no huge¬†continuity issues.¬† ¬†I think this is the correct order of the film sin this universe; Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America : The First Avenger and then The Avengers.¬† Yes there is the odd adult joke, but it’s very¬†subtle.¬† I can’t¬†recall any instances of bad language.¬† The rest of the humour is pretty much perfect in my opinion.¬† I think part of that is Director Joss Whedon.¬† From Buffy The Vampire Slayer, to Angel and then Firefly/Serenity he has always had some very good humour in what he has worked on.¬† Whedon’s¬†skill with working with big ensemble casts has to be up there because he gets the best out of all the actors in this film and in his other works that I mentioned.¬† At a time when cinema goers seem to like the movies with ensemble casts like this I think that’s a great talent to have.

I think the big difference between the two franchises is in the spirit that they have been put together.¬† The Transformers films have this big blockbuster feel to them and look amazing, but the depth of the movies just are not there.¬† Dont get me wrong, seeing giant robots smashing each other to pieces is wicked, but as someone¬†who is becoming a hard-core¬†movie fan I’m looking for that little bit more in my movies.¬† The Avengers has that.¬† It has the intelligence within a movie that I crave, but that intelligence does not take away the blockbuster spectacle that I love in this type of movie too.¬† This film has no pointless characters, it doesnt¬†force plot points or jokes through.¬† The Avengers has the right¬†spirit¬†in it, it has that special quality that few movies have that truly makes it a great film.¬† It’s got sincerity, honesty and heart.

In my humble opinion I consider The Avengers to be the best film that I have ever seen.

So Far, So Good

I’m so far on target to hit my 2500 words by Sunday evening so I’m feeling pretty good about that.¬† I was really fired up by Aly¬†Hughes blog (Which I re-blogged, for you all to read) and I managed to knock out a fair few words tonight when I did not really feel like writing.

I had a weird start to the day.¬† It was like I couldn’t¬†get going, not only mentally but also my body just did not seem to want to wake up.¬† How I made it through till eleven,ish when I did start feeling myself again¬†I have no idea but I did and managed to have a pretty decent day.

Something that I feel may be happening soon is that I have another rant about the Transformers movies.  I just watched the third one again and things need to be said! lol

Scott Sigler is really kicking arse with his book The All-Pro  which is getting better with each sentence.  Not only is the core story amazing but the world building that Sigler is doing is spectacular and I am sure that he is building to some huge events in the future of this universe.

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I’m off to crack on with The All-Pro so good night everyone ūüėÄ

The Transformers Franchise

We’ve just had the third of the live action Transformer movies directed by Michael Bay with Steven Spielberg as Executive Producer.

I was really excited by the news that there was going to be a live action movie of one of my favourite childhood TV shows and toys but I didn’t really follow the films progress until it was close to the release date.¬† Myself and a friend went to the cinema to see it and I got Goosebumps as Peter Cullen’s Optimus¬†Prime voice came into the cinema.¬† Then it was an excruciating wait to see Prime in all his glory.¬† He steamed up to Sam and Mikaele¬†(Shia LaBeouf¬†and Megan¬†Fox) and went from a kick arse truck to a massive robot warrior who was the champion of honor and integrity.¬† Then we got some kick arse fight scenes which only improved in the 2nd and 3rd films.¬† As a fan I got what I needed out of these films in one respect and that is seeing the Autobots¬†fighting the Decepticons and beating them! But as A movie fan it let me down hugely.

I am A fan of Michael Bay’s films.¬† Whether its Bad Boys or Pearl Harbour I enjoy his work.¬† I know there are many who slate him for his films but they work, but with the Transformer films, especially the 2nd, it felt like there was too much attention on the CGI of the Robots; which was required but there needed to be as much attention on the storyline of all three films.¬†I honestly do not know what the intention of the three films was?¬† There is no overall story arc, no real character development over the three films and cheesy, repetitive and empty characters.¬† The actors were massively overshadowed by the Transformers who had much more to like about them.¬† Shia LaBeouf’s¬†character of Sam Witwicky¬†never really grew on me or grew up in the films.¬† He was the same as in the first film.¬† Megan Fox not¬†returning as the love interest didn’t really bother me.¬† Mikaele¬†Barnes was a good character, feisty and street wise but I’m here for the Transformers, but I missed her.¬† Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was cast as Carly Spencer who was the love interest for Sam.¬† The film needed an actress and not a model-turning actress.¬† I’m not gonna slag off her acting abilities as its her first film but the role needed someone with more presence on-screen.¬† On a minor note just because she’s A model does not mean she has to look it in every scene.¬† If Fox had been in the film where would her character and Sam’s be in their relationship? It’s a shame whatever the reasons were that she did not return could not have been sorted out as it would have been an important time for their characters and their growth into adulthood.¬† As for other characters why did we not see more of Lennox (Josh Duhamel)¬† He was someone I wanted to know more about.¬† Simmons (John Tuturro) was good in the first film but seemed to lose his way¬† a¬† little in the next two films.

John Malkovich has a small roll in the 3rd film and is amusing adding comic relief but he’s character like so many felt like a clich√©. As in the 2nd film the third had a human government secretary who seemed to think they were God.¬† Both just seemed to want to throw a spanner in the works and not see the bigger picture.¬† At times it felt like actors were using this as A ‘Look at me’ advert.¬†¬†¬† These were funny characters but didn’t fit into the film for me.¬† The funniest part of the films for me were Sam’s Dad taking him to buy his first car and driving to a Porsche Dealership then saying something like ‘ no chance’ before laughing.¬† And also in the first film when Lennox is trying to get in touch with the Pentagon he has to go through an international call centre during a firefight and the operator not really paying attention.

The CGI of the Transformers was STUNNING! In every aspect.¬† The vehicles chosen to represent the various Autobots¬†and Decepticons¬†were for me spot on.¬† Optimus¬†Prime looked every part the powerful entity that was needed (although I didn’t like him having a mouth.¬† Fans know what I mean) Bumblebee was a funky character who had a lot of charisma on-screen.¬† Megatron¬†was as sinister as we all needed.¬† He appeared late in the first film but made a big entrance.¬† I didn’t quite believe in the 2nd film him answering to a superior, that came up in the 3rd film too and it felt like he had been diminished too much.¬† Megatron¬†only answered to himself.¬† More should have been made of Starscream¬†as well.¬† Apart from Megatron¬†we never got to know any of the other Decepticons.

What disappointed me most of all was the lack of an overall story that tied the three films together.¬† Each film had a different reason for the Tranformers¬†being on Earth.¬† The 1st film was the life-giving AllSpark.¬† The 2nd film was about a Sun Harvester and the¬†3rd was about¬†opening up a¬†Space Bridge to teleport matter.¬† Surely if Megatron¬†knew of¬†his ‘mentor’ in the first film he would have summoned all of the¬†surviving Decepticons¬†in the galaxy to get the AllSpark¬†to his Mentor? Or if he knew of the crashed Autobot¬†shuttle on the Moon then why didn’t he lead Optimus¬†Prime to the Moon?¬† Also it asks the questions why the U.S, didn’t put two and two together.¬† In the 1st film they had Megatron frozen in the depths of Hoover damn, but the 3rd film reveals that the U.S. sent man to the Moon to find the crashed shuttle and the giant robots within it.

It is just one massive muddle these three films.¬† There is no continuity at all, or if there is I’ve missed it big time! Saying that though I can quite happily watch each one of these films, i tend to fast forward through the boring bits to the giant robots kicking the nuts and bolts out of each other (Bumblebee kicking Ravage’s and another Decepticons¬†arse is a highlight of the 2nd film) And I think that is the centre of the film’s success.¬† Childhood foundness¬†of Transformers made these films huge successes.¬† Yes, the story lines and so forth could have been better but I will tell anyone I meet that I love these films (If they ask that is) There is so much more i could say but I’m not gonna go that far.¬† These films are guilty pleasures.

Thank you all involved for making my favourite childhood cartoon into movies that had The Autobots¬†kicking Decepticon Arse!!!! ūüôā