Social Networking

I have heard a lot of writers and editors talking about building a presence online through social networks which I tend to agree with, but one of the things that they say is not to let it over take over the actual writing.  I tried to write tonight but no matter how hard I tried no words knitted together into a cohesive sentence.  So I started flicking through a few blogs and re-following people on Twitter.  With Twitter I tend to re-follow most of the people who follow me.  The only times that I don’t is when the person has been on Twitter a long time and has never actually tweeted.  Just lately I’ve un-followed a few people who don’t follow me and never tweet anything of interest.  I tend to steer clear of people who use excessive bad language or are just plain nasty.  I wont ask my followers to follow people who have asked me to recommend them, I’d rather re-tweet something that they wrote that was of interest.  I’m on LinkedIn and Google+ as well but am still finding my feet with those two.  I’ve got a MySpace which I’ve never really got into and obviously I have Facebook.  The two that I use the most are Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter is for all, I don’t care who follows me at all, Facebook is for me.  I have a few people from Twitter on Facebook but as a general rule it’s mainly for my family and close friends.  Most of the people there I have met and I have photos of children who are those of friends or family.  This brings me to whether I have my Facebook linked in to my blog, I’m holding off on this because I like having the separation between Facebook and Twitter.  An alternative is to have a ‘like’ or fan page on Facebook, but I’ve not got anywhere yet.  I’ve not even submitted anything yet so I feel a little like a fraud  when I think about doing the fan page, but would it really be any different to having a Twitter account?  I doubt I’m the only person in this position.


As for my writing, I finished off my Christmas story and will be editing it in the next couple of days.  I need to finish the edit of another short story as well.  This second one is a story that I intend to submit in the new year.  Although I have written a good ten short stories in the last eighteen months most of those are part of a series that I still need to do a little work on.  Mainly continuity issues but until they are put right I can’t really start sending them off for submission.

Novel wise I am still struggling with getting our main project off the ground, but I have had some inspiration on another project so I think I may crack on with that one to see where I can take it.

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