Getting A Tone Set

Right now I’m waiting for my writing partner to finish a (not so) short story that he has been working on for one of our joint projects. This is something that is an idea we’ve had for years but never got it off the ground. Its gone from a novel format to a radio script and back to Novel and back to radio a few times so hopefully this time we’ll get Some head way with it. I’ve seen the early parts of what he’s working on and it looks damn good. I’m actually getting quite excited about it if I am honest because it’s going to set a tone for the entire universe that we’ve got on our hands. We have a lot of potential with this world and if we want it’s a universe that will always hold stories for us to write. As I think about it this is a little gold mine for us. We have strong and in some cases outrageous characters as well as rich, fruitful locations to put them in. There’s a lot I cant go into because we’re not sure what ideas are going to go into the novel or whether we’ll make a series of short stories but now we hopefully have a good point to jump off from.
I kept receiving drafts as he went but I’ve said to him that I don’t want to see it until its completed. I want to get sucked into it which I can’t do at the moment because I’ve only seen the beginning and middle so far. I want to read it from start to finish.
Although he is writing in a universe that we’ve both created I’m not going to throw my weight around and want to change anything he’s written. I’ll do my editing bit, make a few suggestions and maybe suggest some little details to build the universe but the story itself will be his.
Hopefully he’ll have it wrapped up by Christmas so I have a little holiday reading.

P.S. this has been written on my phone so if it’s a little disjointed that’s why.

4 thoughts on “Getting A Tone Set

  1. I’ve often wondered how exactly it works with a writing partner. I am rather jealous of my own creations, and do not share them lightly. Perhaps you could shed some light on the advantages of an alliance.


    • I too get a little protective of what I write myself but the way myself and my writing partner (his names Owen) work is that we do a lot of brain storming on the various projects that we work on and then we kinda go off on our own and write. Then once it’s written we edit each other and add little bits here and there. Mainly stuff which will let the individual story tie in with the rest of the universe.
      We have had some big disagreements at time but I think that’s to be expected.
      The biggest advantage for me is having someone to talk ideas out with. Even on solo projects Owen is great to have read what I’ve written and give his opinion on.


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