Tonight has been one of those nights where I’ve not stopped.  I had not really appreciated just how many books I have and I’ve got to admit I’m quite proud of my collection.  But I’ve got that back into my room after decorating it and now I just have all the crap that I’ve got to go through to sort out and black sack the rubbish.  I have managed to get a little writing done, when I say a little I wrote just over my minimum daily target but I’m happy with that.  Give it another week and I’m positive that I’ll be getting into a proper routine and getting some serious work done.  At the moment I’m not able to really get stuck in to anything as I’m waiting on Owen getting back to me on one of our projects which I want to get the 2nd draft done of.  Once I’ve read through it and made my notes I can get cracking with it.  We’ve decided to change it slightly so we’re going to re-write it to a large extent which will let us put in the world building details and some other little plot threads as well.

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That’s all from me as I need sleep.  Night all 🙂

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