Is It Bed Time Yet?

I am exhausted! I’m still putting my room back together so I’m trying to find somewhere to put all the junk (much of which will be black sacked because it is useless!) But I have managed to get some fiction done tonight.  Only  a couple fo hundred words but it’s still a couple of hundred words.  Owen has sent me the first few pages of his new story which takes place in the Project Apollo universe.  I’ve had to remind him that we still havent finished another story set in the same universe so I’m going to put much of my solo projects on hold so we can get a presentable draft completed.  As my printer is out of ink and money still being put into my car (grrrrrrr) I’ve asked Owen to print me off a copy of the story so I can make a few notes and get cracking with tidying it up.  something I’m tempted to do during this editing process is to read the story out loud to myself to see how it sounds out loud.  I’ve heard a few writers mention that they do this so I’m going to give it a go.

Seeing as the spellcheck is going to go crazy when I hit it I’m going to wrap this up and get to bed.  *Tired Peter makes lots of typos!*  Night all.

8 thoughts on “Is It Bed Time Yet?

    • Hi Paul, I havent mate. I’m a technology retard so I didnt even know that it excisted. I quite like the Word comment system but Im still a huge fan of making notes on paper with a red pen. Call me old fashioned but it seems to work for me 🙂


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