Today’s Update 15-12-14

We had to stay late at work for a customer so once I’d gotten home, had dinner and washed up and etc. etc. I didn’t start writing until 8:30 tonight and when I sat down to write I thought I’d struggle to get going. So I wrote on Facebook asking for someone to give me a kick up the arse, and they did, but to be fair I’d already gotten my motivation by that point as I’d looked at the outline for the chapter I was about to start, and it was one which I knew would be a lot of fun to write, and it was. A little emotional too as I killed a couple of characters and one death was a little brutal on other characters.

All in all though I got 1521 words written in 1.2 hours tonight which I was really glad about. I did that in two sessions with about a five minute break in between. This method seems to be working really for me at the moment. The Writing Journal app is really helpful and I’m glad I’ve got it and I’d recommend it to anyone.

The day in general was one that wasn’t great. Nothing major or bad happened, it was just frustrating. Nothing quite went how it normally does, but getting those 1521 words done tonight has made up for all of that frustration.


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