A Sunday Morning Ramble

It’s Sunday morning and I’m awake before 8am :-/

So I thought I’d write a blog post, seeing as I advent done it for a few days. So here’s a little update on where my writing endeavours are currently at.

Project Apollo is moving along nicely. I started typing up the hand written chapters that wrap up the end of the novella on Monday and I got around 500 words done both Monday and Tuesday nights. I was absolutely shattered Wednesday after a busy day at the day job so I took a night off. Then Thursday and Friday I knocked out just over 1100 words on both days. I have also been doing more handwritten parts for the story as well. There are a number of plot holes we have which need a bit of attention so I have been working on those as well. This has been good because I’ve got my head truly into one of the characters who, although only has a few small parts in the book, they are rather important.

Owen and I have a lot of plans for this universe so we’re trying to bear that in mind as we write this. Each story will be a stand alone story but each will tie into the universe that will be launched by Project Apollo. I really want to tell you all more but Owen will kill me so I’m going to keep quiet. I am going to say that even when we have this one well locked down I’m not sure when it’ll be released. As this is going to be the first of what will hopefully be many stories in this universe we want to get a couple of stories written and locked down before we start releasing them and I really want to find an artist who not only me and Owen click with but will be happy to do all the art work for this universe so although each cover will be different they will all be similar. There’s a couple other little signature things I want to include in the artwork, so that will take a little time.

This brings me onto a topic I do want to discuss quickly and that is when I publish something, whether its a solo project or something with Owen or Chrystalyn I want it to be as tidy as I/we can make it before it goes live. I know it’s all but impossible to publish something perfectly, hell even the big publishers have typos in what they release but I’m going to try to make sure it’s all but spot on.
I have great Beta Readers who will pull me on anything that is not right with something that I write so I have no excuses there.

Right, back to state of play, all other projects are on the back burner till this draft of Apollo is done although I am still having ideas which are being noted down as they pop into my brain so Im not going to run out of anything to write for a while.

I do know what I want to work on once this draft is finished so thoughts of that are creeping into my mind but I’m writing them down and forgetting about them because Apollo needs to be wrapped up.

That Felt Good :)

Tonight has been the first night that I’ve managed to add a big chunk of text to Project Apollo, and it felt GOOD 🙂 so far I have just been able to add a bit here, a bit there and tidying up the grammar etc. which is essential but I’ve also got to add in sections that me and Owen have discussed and tonight I got to a part where it was time to start adding. Now, it was only 774 words but that’s the most words I’ve written in one go for far too long.
This year I have spent so much time editing I had forgotten how much I love the act, the art of just writing and this was only a drop in the ocean.
Tomorrow I’m off to the cinema but I will do a little more afterwards then on Wednesday I may be off to see Tracie but if I’m not then it’ll be a night focused on writing.

I’m really excited by this project and have been for a while, it’s good to finally be getting stuck into it.

As I finish watching Prometheus I’m going to do a little research, and then bed 🙂

Photo or Artwork

Sometime next year I’m hoping to have my vampire series pieced together and published.  Now, I know that I’m a long way off this as it will be towards the end of the year that I’m getting this wrapped up but it got me thinking about the cover that I want for it.  I was thinking about having a cover made up but I am also tempted to have a real life person on the cover.  I know a model who I am convinced would be happy to be my cover model for this and I think she’d look great on the cover, but my question is; what is the general opinion of having this sort of cover art?  Is the photo a good idea? Or is the artist a better idea?

Finding An Illustrator

One of my goals for this year is to find an illustrator that can give me what I cannot do myself.  I would love to have the ability to draw because I have some great images in my head but it is not a gift that I have so I need to find someone who can create covers and back rounds for my fiction and blogs and so forth.  I do not know where to start with this so I will draw up a list of websites of the podcasts that I listen to that I know use illustrators or talk about artwork in genre fiction.  I am going to have a good look through the web to find the style that I want so I can hone in on an artist to work with.

I need to find two different types of artist though as I write science fiction and urban fantasy/horror, so for those two different genres I will most likely need to find someone for each.  Ideally I would like to find someone who is at the early stage of their career like I am and build a long-term working relationship with, but this is not an ideal world so I’ll have to see how it goes.  I’ve got one name that I want to check out but I’m not sure it will be what I am after.

This search will start tomorrow after I’ve hit my 1000 word target that I have for tomorrow.