That Felt Good :)

Tonight has been the first night that I’ve managed to add a big chunk of text to Project Apollo, and it felt GOOD 🙂 so far I have just been able to add a bit here, a bit there and tidying up the grammar etc. which is essential but I’ve also got to add in sections that me and Owen have discussed and tonight I got to a part where it was time to start adding. Now, it was only 774 words but that’s the most words I’ve written in one go for far too long.
This year I have spent so much time editing I had forgotten how much I love the act, the art of just writing and this was only a drop in the ocean.
Tomorrow I’m off to the cinema but I will do a little more afterwards then on Wednesday I may be off to see Tracie but if I’m not then it’ll be a night focused on writing.

I’m really excited by this project and have been for a while, it’s good to finally be getting stuck into it.

As I finish watching Prometheus I’m going to do a little research, and then bed 🙂

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