A Bit Of A Mission Statement

Yesterday I wrote a bit about what I am aiming to achieve this week. Although I am not going to set myself any writing targets, because I never hit them, I am setting myself a few goals outside of writing. As I said I need to spend some time in our chicken run carrying out some maintenance bits and pieces. I also want to clean all the rubbish out of my car (it’s a disgrace at the moment) so that’s another hour of an evening. I’m also going to see Iron Man 3 tomorrow. Which now occurs to me that I won’t get much writing done this week but I’m still going to do at least a little bit a day.
At the moment I’m going through what We have already written and this part is pretty tidy so I haven’t added too many words yet but I’ve worked through about twenty five pages. I have got a lot hand written and ready to be put into the story.

I have a short story edit notes to look through from one of my fabulous Beta readers. What I’m thinking about doing with this is go through the notes, sit on it for a week and then look at them again and go through and make the changes I agree with. This shot is in my vampire series and is the first in the timeline. I’d like to get all of these polished and put into a collection. I was thinking about adjusting them so they are one story but I think it’ll ruin the stories so I’ll keep them as tied in short stories. I guess they’ll end up like a tv series type format, one overall plot line with individual stories in each stories. I haven’t shown any of these to my other main Beta reader yet because I am going to make some major changes to the stories, in particular elements in the first of the stories.

Short story wise I have eight or nine that need to be looked at and tidied up. I finished one at the start of last week. I’m pretty happy with it but will give it a quick once over to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I’m going to work on a short story in between longer works, which will not be the quickest way of getting them tidied up but I’m trying to work on balancing out the work. I may work on one while I’m working on a novel like I’m going to try with this short story, but only if it does not slow down my work on the novel.

How do you structure your writing timetable?

Okay that’s my ramble for the day done. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter and Like me on Facebook then you can find the links on the right hand side of the page 🙂

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