Movie Monday: High Expectations

This week we see the release of the RoboCop reboot, which I am really looking forward to. I didn’t always feel like this. When I first heard that Hollywood was rebooting one of my favourites movies I felt like going home, crawling under my bed and hiding from the pain that was coming. Then I heard Michael Fassbender might be playing Alex Murphy/Robocop which gave me a little bit of hope, then he dropped out and some guy (Joel Kinnaman) I had never heard of was cast. This time I was at home but I resisted the temptation to crawl under my bed. I told myself that this film had Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton (three of my favourite actors) in it and that had to count for a lot. Jackie Earl Haley is in it too and he’s pretty awesome, and Abbie Cornish is in the movie as well and she’s entertained me when  I’ve seen her on screen.

So basically my despair at the thought of one of my favourite movies being destroyed was deeply ingrained into my soul……. But then I saw the first trailer……………..


It took all the despair away in one foul swoop. As that first trailer progressed I got more and more excited and then came the moment in the trailer that *literally made me jump out of my seat. One line did this….

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”

The trailers I’ve seen since then have done their job and got me more and more excited for this movie. The action and effects look good, Kinnaman seems to have a bit of charm about him and the suit looks pretty cool.


I’m planning on seeing it next week….I hope my expectations are met because they are very high.




*Lots of people say this word and misuse it, here I am not doing that. I did jump out of the chair I was sitting on during my lunch break at work.

Movie Monday: X-Men: First Class



This weeks Movie Monday is on the 2011 film X-Men: First Class from director Matthew Vaughn.


X-Men: First Class tells the story of how Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) become the people we see in the later movies.

We move from their youth when their powers are beginning to come to the surface, for Xavier it is a scene where he discovers A shapeshifting mutant(Mystique) stealing food from his home whereas Magneto’s introduction is much more brutal. Along with his family he is put into a death camp by the Nazis and his power comes out in an intense moment when he is separated from his parents. he is then forced to try to move a coin by a German scientist by the name of Dr. Klaus Schmidt, played amazingly by Kevin Bacon). Because the young lad cannot move the coin Schmidt shoots his mother, this results in the child having a huge emotional reaction which affects every metal object around him.

We then move to 1962 where Xavier is trying his luck in a pub in Oxford where he is studying and Lensherr is tracking down Schmidt. By this time Schmidt has changed his name to Sebastian Shaw. As Shaw, Schmidt is manipulating people like a chess game to start the World War III between the United States and the Soviet Union. As this is happening Xavier and Lensherr are, along with the help of the C.I.A, recruiting mutants to help track  and take down Schmidt/Shaw. Throughout this time Lensherr and Xavier are revealed to have different philosophies on how they should mature as a species with Xavier believing that humans will be happy to live with mutants and Lensherr believing that humanity will inprison mutants.

The climax of the movie comes with an American fleet and a Soviet Fleet standing off against each other as a Soviet Cargo ship is trying to deliver nuclear weapons to Cuba, The Cuban Missile crises. Lines are drawn here and friendships destroyed.


This is an incredibly well put together movie. I adore the first two X-Men movies and felt a little let down by the third and the Wolverine spin-off was not the movie I thought it was going to be so I was a little worried about this movie, but those worries were erased when I learnt that Bryan Singer was working on the script and was on board as a producer. Singer directed the first two movies which are beautifully sculpted films so that put me at ease a bit. I like Matthew Vaughn’s movies as well. The cast excited me too. Kevin Bacon for me is one of the best, and underrated actors of his generation. I cannot think of a film where he does not put in a solid performance.

I knew of James McAvoy and thought he would be a good choice for Xavier. At the time I was unaware of Michael Fassbender, I had seen him in Inglorious Bastards but I would not have been able to name him. Another actor I was keen to see in the movie was Nicolas Hoult who plays Beast. Hoult along with Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique have a good little sub-plot going between them. January Jones plays Emma Frost, Shaw’s right hand mutant and Rose Bryne plays a C.I.A liasion officer called Moira MacTaggert.

There is also a very good support cast to these main characters which includes Oliver Platt and Jason Flemyng. There are also the young mutants that make up the early X-Men.


This could be looked at as a Re-Boot but I don’t think it is. I look at it as a rejuvenation of the franchise. It is not doing the same thing over like the recent Spiderman movie and it’s not a remake. It does contradict the odd little bit in the later movies but nothing of real consequence.

The Strength of this movie lays in the quality of the storyline, of the actors, of the direction. There is nothing in this movie that feels out-of-place and I’m looking forward to next years sequel.

I would just like to note quickly that the two lead characters Xavier and Magneto are excellently played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender respectively. McAvoy is a smart actor and I am yet to see anything in Michael Fassbender that makes me think he will be thought of anything less than one of the greatest actors of his generation. Watch out for both of these actors, especially in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, which I believe is due to hit our cinema’s next year.

Prometheus (Spoilers)



I’ll admit that I havent read any reviews or spoken to anyone about this film yet so hopefully my views on it is not influenced by anyone else.  I liked this film, but it’s not the film that I was expecting it to be.  If Ridley Scott (The Director),  Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof (The Writers) had taken away the Alien element that we are familiar with it I think it might have been a better film.

The cast of characters was pretty good.  I’m a fan of Charlize Theron but it seems rare that we see her in films and I like the way she played the bad corporate Scrooge here.  Michael Fassbender is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors.  I have only seen a couple of his films but he seems like an actor that has a wide scope of what he can do.  As the android David in this he does very well playing it straight and like the other androids in this franchise we’re never quite sure where his intentions lay until ter on in the film.  The rest of the cast is pretty good.  It’s great to see Guy Pearce is always good and Noomi Rapace did well dealing with the enormity of her role.  Idris Elba is beginning to pop up more and more which is not bad either.

The plot is quite simple really; a team of experts go off to a distant star system to find the beings that created mankind.  Obviously it does not work out like that and lots of chaos and death follows.  As I said at the start I am confident that if Ridley Scott and the two writers had removed the alien element then it would have still worked as well.  For me it took away from the original  Alien films because for one it reveals the origins of the monster of all these movies, but also there is better technology in this film then the originals.  Now I know that’s because our technology has improved but as I was watching Prometheus I could not get away from that single fact and that is the lasting impression of the film for me.  There is no reason why the film could have been made with a similar look and feel to the original films as far as technology is concerned.  Making it look retro would have tied it into the universe so much better as well.

I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD and I do like this film a lot but I am not sure that I will ever get past the crew of the Prometheus having better technology than those who follow in later films.

How Sci-Fi Films Have Influenced Me Pt.2 Robots

I remember first seeing Robocop and thinking ‘WOW’ and I loved the idea of it. The whole concept of a used human body lingering onto life being made into an uncompromising law enforcement officer really blew my mind away. There was no arguing with Robo. If he saw the law being broken then he would deal with it instantly, and efficiently. Peter Weller played the role magnificently as well. I’m not too sure about the re-make being planned though. I was quite looking forward to the idea of it when Michael Fassbender was apparently going to star but from what I’ve heard he isn’t anymore. So I’m a little worried about how it’ll work out.
Me and a friend used to argue  discuss who was better, Robocop or The Terminator. Then I saw Terminator 2 and The Terminator won (sorry Robo)
The Terminator was as uncompromising as Robocop was. In the first two films The Terminator was unrelenting. Nothing was going to stop it achieving its mission, well, unless your name was Kyle Reese. Arnie played it perfectly, he was born to play the role. The third film was, well no comment lol but I did enjoy the fourth film in the series.
No other films really caught my attention when it comes to robots. None really made me think about the troubles that robots might have until I saw I, Robot. Then I saw Blade Runner which I’m still not sure about.  I need to watch it a few times to really get into it I think.

Robots have never really grabbed my attention though. I’m more fascinated by mech suits. The type of thing that is in Avatar, those really fascinate me. I have a few really good ideas of how to play with them in my fiction.  Come to think of it Robocop was not a robot either, would he not be considered a cyborg???   Maybe I’ve not seen enough movies with robots in but from what I have seen they havent touched me on the emotional, or inspirational side outside of The Terminator.  Any recommendations are welcome 😀

X-Men: First Class

I am A big fan of the first two X-Men films, Bryan Singer did A fantastic job of putting these two stories together.  There was A sense of depth in the first two films that made them great for me.  The third film which Brett Ratner directed did not have that same feeling of care that the Singer films did.  It was a good entertaining film but it lacked that depth of character that the first two had which was all that let it down for me.  I didn’t care about the outcome as much as I did for the first two films.  The next film; X-Men Origins: Wolverine was good but like the third film it did not blow me away.  There was lots of action and it told a good story but it was a little predictable and just didn’t blow me away.

Now for X-Men: First Class.  I really was not sure how I would take this film as the last two in the franchise had not wowed me.  Matthew Vaughn is A Director that I have grown to like A lot and I was a little reassured.  Then I found out Bryan Singer was on board as A producer and this gave me an even bigger expectation for the film, which it lived up to.

I knew that James McAvoy was on board to play the young Charles Xavier which I thought was A good bit of casting.  He pulled it off very well.  I was also excited at the prospect of seeing Kevin Bacon in the film.  Bacon is one of my favourite actors and I can’t recall an instance where he has not put in A bad performance in A film.  I was very impressed with Michael Fassbender, who played Magneto.  I had seen him in Inglorious Bastards and was impressed but playing Magneto he really took the character and the film by the scruff of the neck.  Playing someone so angry, but also having to show some control also cannot be easy.  Fassbender and McAvoy seemed to really click on-screen which helped the movie have that depth that is needed but often missed and over looked.  i just want to give Nicolas Hoult A quick mention.  He plays Beast in the film and he was convincing as him.  Hoult is an English actor that I know from the TV series ‘Skins’ In this he played A smug little sod of a character who I will admit I didn’t like but Hoult played him so convincingly that he caught my attention.  Now he seems to be making A name for himself in Hollywood and I hope it keeps getting better for him.

The plot of the film is generally the emerging mutants trying to deal with their abilities and the U.S. government that are trying to make them into something of use.  At the core of it is Xavier and Magneto, or Erik Lensher as he is known during the earlier scenes of the film.  Both have a slightly different view on what the emerging mutants should be trying to achieve.  Xavier is trying to teach the mutants on how to matser their powers but to also live in peace with humanity.  Magneto on the other hand believes that mankind cannot be trusted and that mutants are now the dominate species on earth.  In the middle of all this Kevin Bacon’s villain keeps the story rolling nicely and gives the mutants something to focus on other than their own different views of the world.

There is A fair amount of action throughout the film and the final battle has some epic moments.  A flying submarine is pretty cool.  We see the final split between Magneto and Xavier and how Xavier looses the use of his legs.

This is A well put together film and I really hope that the director, producers and cast come back for another film.