How Sci-Fi Films Have Influenced Me Pt.2 Robots

I remember first seeing Robocop and thinking ‘WOW’ and I loved the idea of it. The whole concept of a used human body lingering onto life being made into an uncompromising law enforcement officer really blew my mind away. There was no arguing with Robo. If he saw the law being broken then he would deal with it instantly, and efficiently. Peter Weller played the role magnificently as well. I’m not too sure about the re-make being planned though. I was quite looking forward to the idea of it when Michael Fassbender was apparently going to star but from what I’ve heard he isn’t anymore. So I’m a little worried about how it’ll work out.
Me and a friend used to argue  discuss who was better, Robocop or The Terminator. Then I saw Terminator 2 and The Terminator won (sorry Robo)
The Terminator was as uncompromising as Robocop was. In the first two films The Terminator was unrelenting. Nothing was going to stop it achieving its mission, well, unless your name was Kyle Reese. Arnie played it perfectly, he was born to play the role. The third film was, well no comment lol but I did enjoy the fourth film in the series.
No other films really caught my attention when it comes to robots. None really made me think about the troubles that robots might have until I saw I, Robot. Then I saw Blade Runner which I’m still not sure about.  I need to watch it a few times to really get into it I think.

Robots have never really grabbed my attention though. I’m more fascinated by mech suits. The type of thing that is in Avatar, those really fascinate me. I have a few really good ideas of how to play with them in my fiction.  Come to think of it Robocop was not a robot either, would he not be considered a cyborg???   Maybe I’ve not seen enough movies with robots in but from what I have seen they havent touched me on the emotional, or inspirational side outside of The Terminator.  Any recommendations are welcome 😀

18 thoughts on “How Sci-Fi Films Have Influenced Me Pt.2 Robots

  1. You and I were on the same page today! I’ve been churning over a story with a bot in it for Trifecta but I think it may be too long!

    Robot Jox, Tron, Short circuit, Wall-E, Robots, Real Steel….


  2. If you want views on what it means to be human, using robots as a metaphor, then Bladerunner is the film. It’s not considered the best scifi film by lots of people (including me) for nothing. I Robot has themes abt how they fit in our world as does Bicentennial Man, both sourced from Asimov – it helps when yr source material is good.


  3. Transformers? – Maybe not, that was crap. The Iron Giant, that’s a pretty cool film. A.I. is also pretty intelligent.

    The directors cut or the newer cut from a few years ago are the best versions of Bladerunner. The original version is easier to follow when watching Bladerunner for the first time, but the others are better and ask a few more questions.


    • The Transformers films was crap, but I still loved them, and I was gutted when Ironhide died.
      I’ve not seen Iron Giant, and I will admit to forgetting A.I. And it has been a while since I saw it so maybe another watch of that of that one is needed.
      As for the different versions of Blade Runner I’d like to see the original and then watch the directors cut again. I’ve read different articles saying that endings are different etc.

      Thanks for the taking the Time to read my blog 😀


  4. I second The Iron Giant! It is one of my favorite movies, animated or not. I think you should watch it ASAP. 🙂 And Real Steel, if not fantastic, it’s at least entertaining. Also, I’m not sure about you, but Marvin was always my favorite character in The Hitchhiker’s Guide. 😉


    • I will have to watch the iron giant now I think. Real steel is on my to watch list too. And yes Marvin In hitchhikers guide is brilliant, but that ones based on a book so thats where I get my live for the character from 🙂 great movie though 😀


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