June 1st 2018

I’ve not done any writing today. I wasn’t planning on doing too much to be honest but I did do a little pimping for the announcement of The Ginger Nuts of Horror summer series, Alice in Summerland.

This series looks at the career of the one and only Alice Cooper, and I am one of the contributors. I am very much looking forward to reading this look at one of the iconic musicians of the last few decades.

Please click the link and have a look at what you’re in line for. The line up of contributors for Alice In Summerland is pretty epic! I’m proud to be part of that line up.

A Quick Update

I know I said I wasn’t going to update here daily about my attempt to work for one hour a day no matter what on my writing but seeing as today was the first day I’ve tried it I just thought I’ll let y’all know how it went. It went quite well, I managed to get twelve chapters of Earth, After Liberation read through in an hour and fifteen minutes, which I’m quite chuffed about. During that time I did pause the timer and grabbed a drink or replied to a comment on Facebook and then just stated the timer again and got going once more. I didn’t have the TV on or any music or the radio on in the back round, I literally just cracked on which proved to be very productive, not only in getting a lot of pages worked through but I’ve figured out how to make Earth, After Liberation work a lot better. I’m going to have to cut a lot, re-write a lot more and add even more but I can see quite clearly in my head how it needs to be structured.

Now though, I’m going to play some Xbox and chill out as I’m back at work tomorrow but I’ll be making sure I get my hour in no matter what. As I’m reading through Earth, After Liberation on screen I’ll probably get the hour made up in the evening but once I’ve done this read though and I have a paper copy printed I’ll be able to be a little more flexible with when I’m working on it ūüôā

Flash Post: Playlists

I hear a lot about writers burning playlists for when their writing and writing to music is something that can be very helpful but so far I’ve only really written to the albums i have and not cut any playlists for specific moods; mainly because I haven’t found the time to transfer my favourite albums and songs over to my iMac from my CDs. Once I’ve got this vampier collection done and off to Beta readers then I’ll spend an evening or two loading some up ūüôā

Wireless Festival 2012 @ Hyde Park

Yesterday I was at the Wireless music festival in Hyde Park London.¬† This is the third year that I have been to Wireless and I have to say I think this year was the best that I have been to.¬† The last two years I have gone with my friend Carla, but this year we were joined by Carla’s friend Sherry and my Girlfriend Tracie.¬† The previous two years me and Carla were right at the front squashed in which was fun but this year me and Tracie were off to one side and for me it was a much more enjoyable experience.¬† It was nice having some space and let the music take centre stage.¬† Speaking of music I guess I should talk about that a little lol.

Example was by and far the best act for me.¬† I remember seeing him the first year that I went and he really impressed me with his stage¬†presence on stage and he’s talent and he has now clearly upped his game as he was even better yesterday then he was two years ago.¬† He came on and¬†the crowd gave him a truly warm and enthusiastic welcome and he repaid us with a damn good show.¬† I am not¬†a huge music person so I have not seen lots of acts or been to many festivals or concerts but Example has got to be the best act that I have seen.¬† I like his music and him a lot.¬† Example was worth the admission alone.

My Girlfriend loved Professor Green, she is a big fan of his anyway but she danced away to his entire set like only true fans can do.¬† I like his music but no to the extent that I’d say that I am a fan but he was very good and held the crowd well.¬† For Tracie he was worth the admission alone.

Rita Ora has only recently come to my attention but her song R.I.P is one of the best songs I’ve heard in its genre.¬† It has a great pace to it which really gets the blood pumping and she looked like she loved being out on that stage.

For us the day was pretty epic.¬† The weather treated us well with only a little rain, the acts generally were very good with the three listed performers above the best of the pick although we did not stay to see out Nicki Minaj’s set and missed Drakes complete set.¬† We’ve already made plans to go again next year ūüôā


…….I Started With A Point But Ended In A Ramble :P

I’m quite dumb at times when I’m watching a movie or reading a book, even listening to music because I rarely see the hidden messages that are worked into what we consume.¬† The whole idea of making a story a metaphor used to be something that I didn’t¬†think much about.¬† I am very much what you see is what you get, or so I thought.¬† A lot of what I’ve been thinking about with fiction lately is finding that hidden meaning in not only in what I read but also what I write, and have I put this sort of thing into my work before without knowing it?¬† Surely that is only natural though?¬† What we write is fueled by what we encounter as our lives are carried out day by day.¬† I’ve heard many writers say that you should ‘write what you know’¬† I used to think that meant literally but then how would H.G. Wells know what a martian would look like?¬† It’s what each day gives us that allows us to ‘write what we know’

I struggled with some of the ‘Writing what you know’ because up until a few years ago I hid away from the world and had led¬†a very sheltered life but now I have experienced¬†life a little more.¬† Like everyone I’ve been betrayed, had my heart-broken¬†and so on¬†and this is what fuels writing.¬† It’s using what we’ve felt and putting it into characters to give them that¬† feel that gives¬†real depth.¬† Most of my short stories have been character driven which means I need to have them invoke a reaction with the reader.¬† There needs to be a desire to find out what happens to the characters.¬† The reader needs to care one way or another what happens.¬† The best moment I had last year, as far as writing goes, was when my lovely proof reader said that one of my stories ‘Choked her up’ ūüėĬ† I still think that the story she was referring¬†to is the best thing that I have written, but I’m reluctant to send it out for submission just yet because it is part of a tied¬†universe with other stories and I have a few¬† continuity issues to deal with.¬†¬†¬† I might have a little play with that universe while I’m having a breather from my main project, it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it.

(Its late and I’ve not proof read this so feel free to point out the errors ūüėõ )

Tonights Summery

I got just shy of a¬†thousand words written tonight so I’m quite happy with that, especially as I got home a little later and I went round to a friends to¬†help move a little furniture.¬† I gave myself an hour and a half with only a little music (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) to distract me.¬† Normally I would get about a thousand words done there easily but as I mentioned in an earlier post this is a little different as I am working from a loose plan and not just from what is in my head.¬† I am a little surprised that I am finding this a little more difficult than I had expected but I’m enjoying the challenge.¬† Not only is it GREAT to finally be able to get stuck into a universe that me and Owen have been talking about for years¬†but I’m¬†having to learn a whole¬†new set of skills as I’m doing it.

I wont get any writing done tomorrow as I’m having dinner with a friend but come Thursday I’ll be looking to hit about fifteen hundred words ūüôā

A Comfortable Writing Enviroment

I listen to a lot of writers being interviewed and something that I always find fascinating is hearing about where they write.  Some need to lock themselves away from the world whereas others can sit in a crowded coffee-house and write away and some can just write anywhere that they can.  Some have a room which is empty aside from a desk and a chair.  Others cannot have the internet connected (I can see the appeal).  Others have heavy metal music or calm classical music to listen to.

Personally I can write just about anywhere in any situation.¬† I have been in nightclubs¬†where people have been packed in like sardines and have¬†had an amazing idea where I’ve stood to one side and written¬†an idea out quickly¬†on my¬†smart phone,¬†but my ideal writing environment is somewhere quiet with very few distractions.

This is my desk at home where most of my writing is done (it’s actually quite tidy at the moment)


I can write in more unusual places.¬† I work at a car sales by day and our little staff area is not very glamorous¬†but I make the most of it when I take my laptop to work to get some words typed.¬† I’ve also typed and hand written when I’ve been parked up in cars, although I struggle to write whilst someone else is driving.¬† I can write when I’m with family and friends but I don’t get anywhere near as much done.¬† Sunday I was hanging out with family and I got about 1100 words written over, about five hours whereas tonight I’ve been locked away from the world in nigh on total silence and I’ve knocked out just over 1400 words.

I know a lot of writers do love to have some music in the back round and I agree at times I need something that I can shut out of my conciousness but I cannot write with loud music or particularly heavy music.  For me music can only be that white noise in the background.

Where we write is not something that is the same for each one of us, it is as personal as the words that we write down.