Tonights Summery

I got just shy of a thousand words written tonight so I’m quite happy with that, especially as I got home a little later and I went round to a friends to help move a little furniture.  I gave myself an hour and a half with only a little music (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) to distract me.  Normally I would get about a thousand words done there easily but as I mentioned in an earlier post this is a little different as I am working from a loose plan and not just from what is in my head.  I am a little surprised that I am finding this a little more difficult than I had expected but I’m enjoying the challenge.  Not only is it GREAT to finally be able to get stuck into a universe that me and Owen have been talking about for years but I’m having to learn a whole new set of skills as I’m doing it.

I wont get any writing done tomorrow as I’m having dinner with a friend but come Thursday I’ll be looking to hit about fifteen hundred words 🙂

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