…………………..Where Was I?

Okay so I havent posted on here for a good 4-5 days, I hit almost total exhaustion.  What with the extra life stresses that we all encounter from time to time that I have at the moment, add in work, trying to hit over ambitious targets, blogging, trying to read a book that had not seduced me and  not having had a decent nights sleep in close to three months all struck home and I think it was thursday that I just lost all momentum with everything.  So since then I have just chilled out, aside from work that is.  I had a damn good Saturday night around a good friends house and watched Dead Silence which I really enjoyed.  Both the company and the film 🙂  Sunday I literally spent the day watching Futurama and relaxing.  I havent turned off my mind to this extent in such a long time, maybe that has been the problem. I’m not making the time to relax the mind as well as the body.

I think I’ll give myself another few days rest before getting back into the swing of things.

Getting Back On Track


At the start of the year I set myself a target of 5000 words a week, I’m halving that to a 2500 minimum.  That I should be able to hit with my eyes closed.  The story that I am working on is still my main project and  give me a few days and I’ll dive into it again.  After a chat with a mate today I’ve had a few good ideas for the wider universe so I think in a few days I’ll be raring to get going at it again.

As for reading I’ve given up with Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol.  It just was not captivating me, maybe it was where I’ve been tired but I’ve since started reading Scott Sigler’s The All-Pro and I’m at page 33 in just two days (I’m a slow reader) But this normally indicates that I am getting into the story.

With this blog, I have some great little ideas that I hope that you will all enjoy reading when I put them up and keep you all up to date on how I’m getting along and my random thoughts.

After a rocky start this year is beginning to look up, how about we all make it a year to look back on 🙂


Here’s An Update

This week has been a bit of a write off because I’ve not got much done.  It’s been a prime example of life messing up with my writing.  I’ve not been that well and I’ve had some quite tough days at the day job in addition to some everyday life irritations that keep popping up.  I seem to be having one good week and then one bad week with writing at the moment.   I’ve written maybe a 1000 words of fiction which bearing in mind some of the walls I’ve hit this week I’m not too disappointed about.  It’s not just about the writing though, I have done a little editing on my later part of the year project which I showed an excerpt to a fellow blogger who loved it! 😀 that made my day 🙂 and I’ve worked on a couple of future blog posts, I’ll have a surprise for you in one of them, a little change from my normal format  😉

Tomorrow night is going to be a movie night around some good friends of mine and Sunday I am taking my Grandad to spend the week with his sister so by the time that I get back itll be late in the afternoon but if I’m not too tired then I’ll try to get some fiction written.

I’ve had my ups and downs recently but next week I will be getting into a routine with writing.  With some of the kind words that I am receiving here I am feeling a little expectation beginning to weigh down on me so I want to get some fiction written, editing, proof read and once it is all polished up then we’ll get it out into the world for everyone to see.

I’d just want to mention a film, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  This was a pretty good film but some people who I’ve spoken to about it have said that the Swedish version is much better so I think I’ll have to get it and see.  In my limited experience of film remakes in this sense the American version is rarely better than the original.

I’m also watching Predators as I’m writing this post and it’s given me a few ideas for a story that I’ve had in my head for a few months now that I may scribble some notes down for before I go to bed.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol still hasn’t hooked me in the way that makes me want to turn the pages but I’ve not got to the magical Hundred page mark yet so there’s still time.

Today’s Summery

Despite having been in an odd mood all day I have managed to knock out just over 1500 words which I’m quite chuffed about because aside from a busy day at the day job I’ve had a weird evening.  Shortly after getting home I had the distinct feeling that something very bad or very good was about to happen.  That feeling has diminished a little but it’s still there so I’ll be on guard! lol.  Generally though I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a trance tonight, or was it just that I managed to focus in on what I was doing? Either way I got a lot written tonight so does it matter?  Today has probably been my best day for writing fiction this year, and easily goes back to late November.  So after the burn out of NaNoWriMo and my rough start to the year maybe I’m getting back into the swing of writing now.  I’m back in the habit of writing daily and I feel like I’m pulling myself out of my little rut.  I’ve also started on the 2nd third of the story we’re working on.  At the moment its only an estimate that it will end up at about 30k words so we’ll have to see where the story takes us.  Tonight’s writing was not so dialogue heavy and I had to put in a lot of detail which I love doing.

Now I’m off to dive into Dan Browns The Lost Symbol which I havent fallen in love with yet but I’m not that far into it either.


Have a Good One Everybody 🙂