Today’s Summery

Despite having been in an odd mood all day I have managed to knock out just over 1500 words which I’m quite chuffed about because aside from a busy day at the day job I’ve had a weird evening.  Shortly after getting home I had the distinct feeling that something very bad or very good was about to happen.  That feeling has diminished a little but it’s still there so I’ll be on guard! lol.  Generally though I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a trance tonight, or was it just that I managed to focus in on what I was doing? Either way I got a lot written tonight so does it matter?  Today has probably been my best day for writing fiction this year, and easily goes back to late November.  So after the burn out of NaNoWriMo and my rough start to the year maybe I’m getting back into the swing of writing now.  I’m back in the habit of writing daily and I feel like I’m pulling myself out of my little rut.  I’ve also started on the 2nd third of the story we’re working on.  At the moment its only an estimate that it will end up at about 30k words so we’ll have to see where the story takes us.  Tonight’s writing was not so dialogue heavy and I had to put in a lot of detail which I love doing.

Now I’m off to dive into Dan Browns The Lost Symbol which I havent fallen in love with yet but I’m not that far into it either.


Have a Good One Everybody 🙂


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